[Fixed in beta14] Beta13 and Ctrl-R

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[Fixed in beta14] Beta13 and Ctrl-R

This is my first attempt to locate and describe this problem, so here is just a short recipe:


  • Open any image in editor
  • Choose a tool and create a region
  • Press Ctrl-R a couple of times to hide/show the region


Most of editor's functions should become unusable.

Clicking Regions->Hide ... works normally.

Happens on two win7/64 computers and on a virtual ubuntu studio. Same user though.


Good night!




I confirm this on Ubuntu 14

I confirm this on Ubuntu 14.10 64bits.

Confirmed on OS X 10.9.5, too

Confirmed on OS X 10.9.5, too. The same thing occurs even on beta12 or older when you press Ctrl-r while pressing down SPACE key, though such a key sequence is rare.


I found the cause today, so it will be fixed in beta14. Thanks for the report.

Works fine in beta 14

Tested on windows 7 and ubuntu studio 14.04, both 64-bit, seems to work flawlessly. Thank you, Masahiro!