EOS D30 thru 5D

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EOS D30 thru 5D

I've been into photography since my Leica IIIg, developing and printing. I have found LZ to be great. And the RAW processing is exceptional. Great job!

I have been into rechecking/redoing my old RAW files from the EOS series (D30, D60, 10D, 20D and 5D) and I’m looking for RAW files with the GretagMacbeth ColorChecker Color Rendition Chart included. Does anyone know if there is a web site with these? I’ve check “imaging-resource.com/cameras/reviews/” and found only one somewhat useable RAW file for the EOS 5D.

I realize that LZ has these cameras built-in. However, what I found that the RAW Tone Curve for the EOS 20D, 5D and 5D Mark II are exactly identical (<Point X= n Y= 0.nnn />). I saved these as lzt files from the LZ app and also checked the “github.com/Aries85/LightZone/…” web site and found no difference.

I could be wrong, but I believe that they should be different (different sensors/processors?). Therefore, I’m into building Raw Tone Curves for my old RAW files.

I would appreciate any and all help. Thanks in advance.



Maybe because it's late

and I'm tired after a long ten + days of steady work, but I'm having trouble understanding what you need...on Imaging Resource there are a bunch of raw samples for the 5D, for instance, that have the Gretag MacBeth color card, although I'd go for the one at native iso, presumably 100 (?). It would surprise me if all of these cameras have identical curves in LZ, but I also suppose it could be possible.

So, are you trying to build your own curve, and are having difficulty doing that?

RAW Tone Curve

I found was identical for 3 cameras (20D, 5D 'Mark I', 5D Mark II).  In LZ there were as follows:

        <Point X="4" Y="0.18376068376068377"/>
        <Point X="7" Y="0.49572649572649574"/>
        <Point X="12" Y="0.9188034188034188"/>
        <Point X="14" Y="0.9658119658119658"/>

the actual tone mapping. Maybe my implementation of LZ is faulty?  When you save a RAW Tone Curve, there is a lot of other information, such as Crop Size.  I also checked the github.com web site and found the same. 

I have been able to create tone mapping for the 5D Mark II (multiple RAW files exist with the ColorChart).  The 5D has only one. There are no RAW files for the earlier EOS cameras, at least, I could not find them.

Maybe I’m too techie, I’ve been in computers since teletype and punched cards.

The part I don't understand

is the bit about Imaging Resource only having one raw file.....? I see a bunch. I'd have to defer to Doug or Masahiro on the curve.  Seems odd that cameras with different sensors would have the same one....