EOS 600D - Possible problem with camera profile

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EOS 600D - Possible problem with camera profile

When I open a raw picture, made with Canon EOS 600D, and click the "Orig" button (without touching raw tone curve and raw adjustments), the image changes quite drastically; it becomes darker and flatter, washed out.

At first I even thought that was the default LZ behavior, although it makes comparing with original image mostly unusable. But then I found out, that doesn't happen with pictures, taken with other cameras. CR2s, made with 550D and 650D, for instance, behave normally, i.e. they don't change, when 'compared with original' without editing. I have tested different CR2, NEF, NRW ... samples and everything works OK. I only have problem with (all) 600D files. With LZ 4.0 and 4.1.0 beta 5 on Windows 7, same with Ubuntu in VirtualBox. Same if I convert pictures to DNG.

Here are some raw samples:



I would be very glad if someone could check this. Or am I doing something completely wrong?

Thank you, have a nice day,



I have no idea why, but it

I have no idea why, but it seems that pressing the "Orig" button disables even the "Raw Tone Curve" tool for 600D. For other cameras it only disables other tools in tool stack.

Custom tone curve

I managed to make my own raw profile, following Doug Pardee's video, but this behavior didn't change. Thanks for your time, ktgw0316!

Raw instead of RAW

I am in a hurry now so my testing was very brief, but it seems I found the error. All other raw curves are "RAW Tone Curve", only for 600D it is called "Raw Tone Curve". The name is really not so important - it can be changed, mine is now "RAW Tone Curve Jacal", - but the first three letters must be all capitals.

If someone wants to check, here it should be:


I downloaded CameraDefault;CANON EOS REBEL T3I.lzt, renamed it to CameraDefault;CANON EOS 600D.lzt, opened in Notepad2 and changed Raw to RAW. As said, I will test that later, but it works for me at the moment.

Very interesting

I posted about a problem with the "Lift" and "Apply" features using a 600D.


I have edited the Template as you suggested and made the word "RAW" upper case and that seems to have fixed the problem of the double application of the RAW Tone Curve using lift and apply.


In fact the sensitivity to the case of those characters might be the key to the problem  - LZ does not see the default Tone Curve from the previously edited file as the curve "default" curve and so reads it as an adjustment tool to be copied into the "lift" stack.


I guess it would be worth checking the other templates too ...










Jacal, you are great!

Grant, I found 16 other .lzt files with "Raw" name. I've just fixed and commited them into source code repository, so the names will be fixed in beta6.


Thank you!

Masahiro from Dev team



Uf, it's nice to be of some use here and there. Thank you, Dev team, waiting for beta 6.


Once again:  this is why it

Once again:  this is why it is so important to build up a large user community through membership.  I'm going to write a blog post about this.