Dual screen support for browser and image

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Dual screen support for browser and image

I have been using LightZone sine it was a paid version. I am glad to see that there is still interest in development.

What I wish for the most is a way to use two screens (I use three screens normally). I wish I could open the photo browser on a separate screen and have the edit window on it's own screen. There is just not enough room to use it's catalog (browser) feature and edit photos at the same time.

And just FWIW, boy do I love using Lightroom. It is just common sense how it works with zones. I have started to use Luminar and the one thing it lacks that is promised (who knows when) is barrel distortion correction. I read here there is now movement on lenses and the like so perhaps I don't need to mention that anymore here.

Keep up the good work everyone.

PS - I just tried printing from LightZone on my printer.

It hung and did nothing. So I guess restoring the ability to print would be a good thing.