Drop-down menus missing after update to MacOS 10.13

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Matthias Meuren
Drop-down menus missing after update to MacOS 10.13

Hello everyone,

After having updated my MacBook Pro to MacOS 10.13, Lightzone 4.1.7 does not show any drop-down menus anymore (the remaining controls seem to be okay). I am not sure whether this is really caused by the OS update, or something else happened.

Ideas how to overcome this? Would be great. I am a feeling a little bit clueless at the moment...

Best regards, Matthias

[Edit] Seems that I have found a workaround: selecting English as primary system language. Anyway, personally, I am not really happy with this. Would be nice if there was the chance to change the system language back to German someday... every hint is appreciated.

Perhaps try

this workaround, it should be possible to change only the default language for Java by setting a user environment variable and keep German as system language. (The instructions are for Windows, but I guess it can be done on MacOS too.)

Work has been done on the program since the last official release, building it from source is quite straightforward on Linux, I have no idea about the Mac version.

Matthias Meuren
Thank you for replying.

Thank you for replying. Unfortunately, the information behind your first link seems to have already outdated and disappeared.

After some research with Google, I found that it should be possible to add some parameter to the JVM launch for LightZone, something like

java -jar anApp.jar -Duser.language=de

I need to dig deeper into the system, to find the correct location for this tweak... or perhaps somebody already knows?

Yes, the link has expired,

Yes, the link has expired, only the general idea might be usable, as a workaround. Like setting Java to -Duser.language=en, if this works for you and the German version of LZ is broken. Anyway, as you already noticed, you would need suggestions from Apple users. My only experience of this kind is my girlfriend's iPad, and we are no friends.

Good luck!

Matthias Meuren


I installed the free tool "App Language Chooser" from the AppStore. This helped me to adjust the language for launching LightZone to English, while keeping the default language of all other applications in the system to German. This is more or less like it was before updating MacOS.

Thanks. That's working for me

Thanks. That's working for me too (old iMac with new HighSierra). I used Lightzone mostly under Linux, so that was not a big problem for me, but it's nice that's working also unter Mac OS X :).