Downloaded Tone Curve not accepted by system

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Downloaded Tone Curve not accepted by system

Hi Doug,

I recently bought a 600D for a project trial and also have files from others from Canon 60Ds so decided it was time to update LZ dcraw and Tone Curves.

dcraw seems to be ok after following instructions - in so far as LZ still works and 60d files look OK at first sight.

The Tone curve files, however, just produced errors (once the renaming was complete). Mainly:

Light Crafts JAI Library - 02/05/07
[Fatal Error] :1:62: White spaces are required between publicId and systemId.
ERROR: 'White spaces are required between publicId and systemId.'
com.lightcrafts.templates.TemplateDatabase$TemplateException: Couldn't access Template "CameraDefault; CANON EOS 60D" in C:\Users\Grant\Documents\LightZone\Templates: Couldn't read XML: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: White spaces are required between publicId and systemId.

I have no idea what this means and could not work out what it refers to.

Ine the end I created a new Camera Default called "Canon EOS 60D" from a 400D profile then opend that in notepad and paste in the lines from the RAW screen in github and LZ seems happy with that, even finding it by default although I didn't tick the 'do this automatically' box when I saved the style. I guess CameraDefaults are a special case.

I have no idea why the original downlaod did not work and to all intents and purposed the layout and structure of the file contents were the same so far as I couolc see.

Very odd. Thought I would let you know. Have you seen this before?

As yet the 600D is still to be sorted. Hopefully that won't be a problem now I have a way to do it.


Download problems?

The non-technical interpretation of that error message is: "this file is garbage." The XML parser isn't seeing anything that looks like XML.

What the 60D template file should look like is this (apologies for the line wrap-arounds):
<Template version="8">
  <Scale Factor="0.42611596"/>
  <Image path=""/>
    <ZoneOperation Active="true" Collapsed="true" Locked="true" Mode="Normal" Name="Raw Tone Curve" Opacity="100" layerControlsIndex="0" regionsInverted="false" scale="0">
      <ColorSelection HueBlue="0.5" HueEnabled="true" HueGreen="0.5" HueRadius="-1.0" HueRed="0.5" Inverted="false" LuminosityEnabled="true" LuminosityLower="0.0" LuminosityLowerFeather="0.0" LuminosityUpper="1.0" LuminosityUpperFeather="0.0"/>
      <Points Size="16">
        <Point X="5" Y="0.26991150442477874"/>
        <Point X="7" Y="0.4778761061946903"/>
        <Point X="9" Y="0.6946902654867256"/>
        <Point X="10" Y="0.7831858407079646"/>
        <Point X="12" Y="0.8893805309734514"/>
        <Point X="13" Y="0.9247787610619469"/>
        <Point X="14" Y="0.9557522123893806"/>
        <Point X="15" Y="0.9823008849557522"/>
    <Crop Angle="0.0"/>

Hi Doug,

Hi Doug,

Well that's pretty much what it looked like when not working and now when it is working.

I assume that when I inserted the file contents via cut and paste directly from the github RAW screen there was some difference compared to the file that I downloaded (more then once) from the same source but without a character by character analysis it would be difficult to see it. It certainly looked very much the same and I couldn't see anything that the message might be referring to. The main difference was, I suppose, that the working file had been originally generated from with LZ before being edited.


Anyway if anyone else comes across the problem there does at least seem to be a solution using a slightly alternative process.

The good thing is that LZ, with your profile, makes an excellent job of some difficult files that I thought might take me a lot of effort to make usable. Pretty good for something that was released ages ago in computer application terms.