Download links broken (Torrents)

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Download links broken (Torrents)

I'm a new registrant hoping to check out Lightzone.  Once I completed the registration, the download links show up but they all get "Bad ID" messages from

I tried logging out/back in and a different browser to make sure that there was nothign amiss wtih a cookie or the like, but got the same results.

Can anyone confirm this and/or suggest alternate links?




--- UPDATE:  I see that I was skipping right over the first links (thinking they were just for updates).  However, the point about the torrent links still stands.

it seems that none of the

it seems that none of the links are working


update: the spideroak are now ok

still broken

not working- I get a forbidden message

Never mind, tried multiple times, worked on the fifth try!

Win 64 Download Link Getting Error

After I registered, the download link for Win 64 doesn't work.

Will this be fixed? 

Read whats written



Welcome to LightZone. You are clicking on the torrents link. As written above it, and as you have found out not working at the moment. Instead click on:

Downloading and Updating (Wintel, Mac)

And all will be well. Enjoy the program


Have a nice day