Donation(s) accepted?

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Donation(s) accepted?


I have spent a fair amount of time looking for some kind of link to help support the site and the application via donation and have been unable to locate a link. Do you accept donations? If so, I would appreciate a link and or some information.

Thank you,

No donations yet

So far, the LightZone Project and its predecessor, LightZombie, haven't taken in as much as a single penny. Everything has been 100% unpaid volunteer work, while tex pays web site expenses (web hosting, domain names, etc.) out of his own pocket. I presume that Anton Kast also had some expenses for the meeting he held with Fabio Riccardi in late 2012 that resulted in LightZone being released under a BSD license, which Anton would have paid for out of his own pocket. And given that Masahiro develops, tests, and supports LightZone across all of the platforms it operates on, I have a suspicion that he might've bought some additional computer equipment.

Accepting money will involve additional effort (and in some cases expense) for accounting, tax filings, and probably some legal work. It'll also mean coming up with an equitable plan for disbursal of the funds. I know tex has given the matter some consideration, so maybe he'll chime in on his thoughts.

Chiming in now....

At our meeting in Kyoto on October 10, Masahiro and I discussed finally adding a donations link to the site: it's coming.

Yes, there are some complications.  But I now believe that this can be done without going through the hassle of U.S. 501 C-3 non profit tax status, and I think whatever funds we generate can be equitably divided.  I would like to be reimbursed for what I have put in so far; I think you, Doug, ought to get something; Masahiro of course; possibly some of our language contributors; and then funds to continue to develop the site (Drupal updating, for instance) and keep it running.

Beyond that, I would like to see funds saved until we can offer, perhaps, some sort of scholarship funds for students who can help out with either the site or Java coding.  Masahiro has a definite insight about a big step we should be taking to become current with the latest Java code, for instance. I believe tapping into the pretty extensive academic community is a logical step, and even a minor scholarship would nicely jump start that.  I think people could feel pretty good about their donations going in that direction, too.

no reimbursement required

For me. I did some translation work. I'd rather the money goes to you guys, for spending out of pocket money. And to the further development, like suggested by you and Masahiro.


I'll donate once the button is there !

Yeah, I'll use that button

Yeah, I'll use that button too :)

Me too

I am also a volunteer and translator. I am doing this for myself and the LightZone comunity. The big fun is the social aspects, working togehter with friendly people from around the world, and doing something usefull together. So please use fundings and donations to pay the costs for the ligtzone comunity and development. Maybe there are more java developers among our users, who for a small fee will be able to do something.


I live in a country where scholarships are paid by public financing, so here paid fundings are not as used as in many other countries.Maybe some institutions (or individuals, students etc.) will make programming contributions, if we give them something (a party, or project fundings). But i personally enjoy free beer (programs), and helps in making free beer for free and free to make


Have a nice day