different cameras - different raw tone curves

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different cameras - different raw tone curves


my wife and I work with 3 different cameras, Nikon D5100, Nikon D300 and Nikon D500.

Now I want to do a raw tone curve for each camera. Is it possible to tell LZ which raw tone curve to use with which camera - or do I have to manually select the raw tone curve? If I would have to do it manuall, I would integrate raw tone curve in a style. But in that case, how to prevent LZ from loading the standard raw tone curve?

Thanks for the help



First of all..

You do not need to manually select the RTC for each camera....LZ will do that automatically.

As far as creating your own RTC's, when you create them you are asked if this is the RTC that you want applied to this particular camera always, IIRC.  And then once again LZ will apply the appropriate RTC automatically.

different cameras

thks Tex,

for the answer. You wrote I dont have to create the RTC for every camera. I did it for the D500, becauese the values for black and white in my LZ were not as good as they should have been. (Black at 11, now at 3 and white at 186, now at 233).

I off course viewed nearly all your videos, and the one with the description of creating a RAW Tone Curve.

The only thing I missed was that the author said, the style has to be saved to the directory "camera default". But under Ubuntu I can't access that directory within LZ. I can only save to the customs directory or other predefined ones.

But in the meantime I found the checkbox "Always appy this style to RAW images of "Nikon D500" " Would that fix the problem?

Thanks for your help.


Save it

in the same Templates directory as any other template, just use the form like "CameraDefault;NIKON D3200.lzt" (this one worked for me), so probably as "CameraDefault;NIKON D500.lzt" in your case.


- Mart

Yes, all the style are stored

Yes, all the style are stored in the same physical directory (Linux included), the cameradefault directory is only an internal Lightzone directory depending of the name of the style as Jacal described it.