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If its possible I think it may be worth a representative of this site contacting a representative of the Virustotal site. As I have mentioned in a previous post if you scan the file for DCRAW that is linked to from this site using the Virustotal online scanner then it is reporting several positives and that is going to worry people about the file.

Their site links to or uses numerous virus scanners and then reports the number of positive or negative results. For the DCRAW file I think at the time of the scan it was something like 5 positives and 40 negatives. The file is probably completely clean, but getting those positives leaves lingering doubts.

If you can find a way to get them to clear them out I think it would be great as it removes a possible barrier to people's use of LightZone.

Hopefully the release of the new Open source version of Lightzone will make the problem go away anyway, as I assume that the need to download a separate file - at least at first will be removed.

Thank you for this heads-up

I will see about contacting them this weekend.

Reporting to multiple antivirus vendors

Tex the following link may assist you in this:


If Virustotal can't assist you then this article lists contact details of multiple vendors in the same place so you can contact the offending ones directly (hopefully they are on the list).

Apologies for the block capitals title in the original post, I hadn't realised I'd done it and I believe its considered the be the internet equivalent of shouting.

Thanks for report, Remc19.

Thanks for report, Remc19. This will be something to do. According to quick Google search the Install4J installers are sometimes reported as false positive.

The executable was scanned with McAfee and EEST Online Scanner both reporting executable being clean.

Antivirus editors are editors

Antivirus editors are editors and they are prone to consider free software as viruses. You can notice that they never detect threats that are a bit recent, or installers with lots or PUPs and spyware, but your free files are always suspect. This often happened to me with files I had just compiled.