dcraw not present on GitHub

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dcraw not present on GitHub

Hi there,
I haven't been to the LZ stuff for a while now! But I'm ready to again with LZ as it has been open sourced. Still running Linux, I want to install the last dcraw to be able to edit the raw files of my Fuji X-E1.

Unfortunately, the dcraw 9.12 for Linux is not present on GitHub, and the beta tells me "Unsupported camera". Any help would be great, thanks.

You need the latest 9.17

The X-E1 is a new model. You'll need the very latest 9.17 release, which is in beta. Instructions for installing and updating on Linux can be found here. The dcraw 9.17 beta for Linux can be found here (remember to chmod +x after downloading), and the Raw Tone Curve file is here (right-click and Save Link As).

Thanks Doug. I've got the

Thanks Doug. I've got the last source code and successfully built it, and now dcraw can decode the X-E1 raws. But I run a 64 bit OS, so I guess the dcraw I built is also in 64 bit. The result is when I run it within LZ, I get a NullPointerException. If someone can build the last dcraw source in 32 bit architecture for me, he(she) would make me a happy guy !

Someone built dcraw for 32

Someone built dcraw for 32 bit architecture for me. In command line, this dcraw can decode the X-E1 RAF files, but LZ still outputs a NullPointerException.

We already built it


We already built the 32-bit dcraw 9.17 for LightZone. I gave you the link above, but here it is again:
32-bit dcraw 9.17 for LightZone

After downloading it, you'll need to chmod +x dcraw.

Wonderful !

It works like a charm, thanks a lot Doug !!


...it's pretty strange. I've shot 6 RAWs. 5 are correctly decoded by the dcraw you gave me. The last one is not, at all, like the RAF file was decoded with an old dcraw version. Really strange, any ideas?