DCRAW for Linux

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DCRAW for Linux

I have seen that there is a modified dcraw version and there is waiting for volunteer build. I think I could maintain Linux build.
I have several questions (if anything is RTFM, just point me to the FM):
- What is the difference between normal and modified dcraw version?
- Are there any known issues with this modified version?
- Which distributions should be supported? (I am not using Linux currently, but I could do Ubuntu/Debian and ArchLinux (if there will be demand, I could maintain more distributions)
- From legal point of view - is it valid to provide LightZone as a package with replaced dcraw, or it has to be shipped separately?


Pavel---thank you for volunteering!

Doug Pardee will have to answer some of your questions, but I wanted to respond quickly just to let you know we are paying attention. As far as the legalities are concerned, let me state clearly that our efforts at this site are geared towards supporting the Lightzone customer community in the absence of the Lightcrafts company. At this point in time we are not advocating hacking or reverse engineering the product per se----just updating it with these dcraw updates and new raw profiles. I do not know if providing LZ as a package with a replaced dcraw is legally problematic, but obviously adding the new dcraw is replacing the old one, separately or together.

Doug and I are trying to stay on the right side of the law with all of our efforts. Partly this is because neither of us wants to wind up in court. But partly our longer term strategy is to demonstrate to Fabio Riccardi that we have been good stewards, and that it would be in everyone's best interest to allow LZ to go open source----something Fabio has already thought about. We are unofficially giving that process a year before we make our next approach to him. We were carefully watching to see whether he would renew his domain name, and he did at the very last minute earlier this year. So, we think he retains some interest. For our part, we think LZ would make a wonderful open source project. It remains a very nice editor and with just a bit of additional development, plus the raw updating, it would remain so into the future.

Some answers, I hope

Hi Pavel,

The list of LightZone-specific changes can be found at our github site, in the README and in the tech wiki. There are four changes at the moment. Two of those changes can't be integrated into the standard version of dcraw, because they change rather than enhance the functionality.

There are no known issues.

Since dcraw is a simple C program that compiles to an executable file, there shouldn't be any issue with distribution support. It should run fine on any distro.

At the moment, we're distributing dcraw separately. This is partly for practical reasons (on Windows and Mac), and partly for licensing reasons. dcraw is being distributed under GPL, and due to the "viral" nature of that license we can't include dcraw with the commercially-licensed LightZone. In any event, we're not distributing LightZone at all. We only provide links to where it can be found.

Hello Tex and Doug,

Hello Tex and Doug,
thank you for your responses.

I like current project goals and appreciate your efforts. It would be great if LightZone could be open-sourced in the future. In that case I could offer a hand as a Java developer. It would be very cool to work with such a piece of software.

I have read the changes and compiled current modified dcraw version from source. Compilation is really very easy. I can provide Linux build of new dcraw version without any problems.

I understand that you are avoiding any rights violation so you are not even distributing LightZone. Formerly I was thinking about providing packages for Linux distributions that would ease the installation there - download LightZone package from internet, update dcraw and add camera profiles and install the software to the system. It would be a bit of additional work and time and maybe it is better to not to do it now (if the project would be open-sourced such solution would be useless then).

If I can give you a hand in anything, let me know. I will also have a look at Linux user forums, if there will be answers I could help with.

Pavel---thanks again...

and please do keep us in mind for future help. I know we could use your expertise for Linux generally. After you comb through the Linux forum, if there are any old unanswered questions in there you can help with let me know. I will contact the poster(s) separately since they may not be checking the forum too often.

And for the future, we'd LOVE to have a Java hand on board----for possible repairs and we hope phase 2 of our project, assisting with the open sourcing of LZ.

Linux binary for 9.15 compiled

Hello guys,
I compiled Linux 9.15 dcraw binary. On GitHub there is now pull request for LightZombie project from my account (Aries85) with this updated binary.

I got an alert about that from Github.

Thanks so much for the work, Aries!