dcraw compiled for X-Trans sensor with OpenMP options

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dcraw compiled for X-Trans sensor with OpenMP options


I have succesfully compiled dcraw, patched for Lightzone, with the addition of a few OpenMP pragmas to parallelize some of the loops in the X-Trans specific portions of dcraw.c. I am not at the final story, but I already have dcraw running on my PC for an X100s image at 8 sec down from 11 sec.

If anybody is interested, please tell me, I can provide the patch file from standard dcraw.c.

The same technique can probably apply to the other decoding engines, but I have not yet tried it.

Interesting. :)

Interesting. :)

Although I added OpenMP support in v4.1.0beta8 (http://lightzoneproject.org/lorum/openmp-multithreading), the xtrans_interpolate() have not been parallelized yet. Could you upload the patch somewhere I can access? Or, if you have github account, could you send me (@ktgw0316) a pull request?


Masahiro from dev-team

Just sent a pull request

I have just sent a pull request, but I might not have sent it to the right destination - I have forked the main LightZone Aries85 repository and not the ktgw0316.

In case this is a problem, please find here the patch between v4.1.0~beta8 dcraw and my modified version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9dmnud7sbhf1dz3/openmp_xtrans.dcraw.patch .

dcraw still further optimized

Now on my i7, I get a timing for the full conversion of an X100s file:

- 11 sec on stock Lightzone dcraw

- 6.6 sec on optimized single-thread non OpenMP dcraw

- 2.6 sec on OpenMP dcraw (8 threads)


It took my i7 920 (oc @3.8GHz

It took my i7 920 (oc @3.8GHz) 32.10 seconds to open my X-E1 RAF file. Something wrong with my installation?  I am using LZ 4.1 beta 8 on Linux Debian jessie.  My video card is old AMD Radeon HD4850.  

4.1.0beta8 have not include

4.1.0beta8 have not include this change yet. It will be available in beta9.


Upgraded to beta9.  All 8 threads of my cpu are used, and it took only 8 seconds (vs 32 seconds defore).  Thanks to the team.

I have just tried the new

I have just tried the new beta9 with 2 of the sample  X-T1 files  - one from a test report on a web site and the other the problem "green cast" image recently discussed on another thread.


3 observations so far.


Speed is improved significantly although my smaller Canon raw files are much faster.


The Test site RAW file now looks very good after opening in LZ. Contrast seems different to the embedded jpg but that is not unsual and what I have seen to far as a general view looks very usable - which was in no way true for beta 8. I assume the nes DCRaw build is the main change on that.


The "Green cast" file will not open at all and reports an incompatible file message. I would assume that DCRaw(?) will need some additional analysis and development before it can properly deal with the file but at least now it LZ is able to report being unable to work with the file at this time rather than producing something that is of no  use.


My observations so far.






As an X-E2 owner, I'm

As an X-E2 owner, I'm impatient to try that (may be in the next beta).