DCRAW and Fuji X-E1

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DCRAW and Fuji X-E1

Does anyone have any idea when a new version of DCRAW will be available that will support the Fuji X-E1?

Soon, we hope.

Doug Pardee is the only one working on these raw profiles at this time. I still haven't learned how to do it, I have to admit shamefacedly. Because it's only Doug at the present time, we must beg your patience! As far as DCRAW is concerned---well, we have no control over that, of course. But new and hopefully great things are coming soon, so keep checking in.



What about X-M1 rx files ?



I tried with an X-M1 raw

I tried with an X-M1 raw sample, LZ 4.1.0 b6 Win 64  (I replaced the included DCRaw with the latest one, on top of the download page: https://spideroak.com/browse/share/ktgw0316/lightzone/LightZone-windows/), and the raf file is properly decoded. There is no raw tone curve yet.

BTW, for this type of cameras, especially those with a fixed lens, like my X20, a lens distortion correction is yet more necessary than a tone curve. Raw pictures taken with the X20 at the shortest focal length have an enormous barrel distotion which is supposed to be corrected by the built-in JPEG decoder or the bundled software. As software correction of this type of distortion is very easy, there is no optical correction in the lens; this is not a bad idea, provided the software supports it.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I was almost ready to throw the programme out. This made it possable to open my Fuji files.

Fuji XM-1 raw tone curve has

Fuji XM-1 raw tone curve has been created and will be included in v4.1 beta 7.  We hope to have that available for download soon.

Probs with Win 8.1 and opening X-Trans files in 4.1 beta9

Can anyone throw any light on this error message I get when trying to edit .Fuji RAF files on LZ using a Windows 8.1 PC?? Works OK on my Win.7 laptop. I've re-installed the program, but same message occurs. They show in the browser, but won't open to edit.

"class java.lang.NullPointerException"

UPDATE: Problem solved. I wasn't using the 64-bit version


Fuji X-E2 Raw File

Can Lightzone edits Fuji X-E2 Raw File?  I tried but 'Invalid Image File' message, followed by a directory destination ' .......ppm'  shown. I use window 10 now.   

No problems here,

the camera is supported since ver. 4.1.3. Check, if you can open raw files from other cameras.

Thanks. I tried Canon Raw and

Thanks. I tried Canon Raw and it is OK. Just having a problem to edit Fuji XE2 raw using Lightzone although same file can be opened by factory supplied silkypix raw converter. 

I have tried

a single sample from Imaging Resource, it opens fine with a raw tone curve and looks OK. Are you using the latest version of LightZone?


Here is one maybe similar, but unsolved, so rather unhelpful case. It did look Windows related, since the poster was able to open Fuji raw files, after he moved them to another location.

X-E2 related problem has been

X-E2 related problem has been reported here, may be linked to FW 4.00 update of the X-E2. I'll try to make some test with my own X-E2 but my X-T10 which has very similar Firmware to the new X-E2 one works well...

Just test and I can confirm

Just test and I can confirm there's a matter with a LZRAWtmp file (involving a PPM file).

Here is a sample file if some people want to test it.




May be it's DCRaw linked (probably LZ 4.1.5  was released priori to X-E2 fw 4.00 update) ?


Any plan to fix this problem

Any plan to fix this problem of 'Invalid Image FIle'  re X-E2 raw file?  

New 4.1.6 version fix the FW4

New 4.1.6 version fix the FW4.00 X-E2  RAW file opening matter