DCRAW 9.19

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DCRAW 9.19

has anyone successfully replaced existing dcraw.exe (LZ4.0) with the latest version dcraw.exe 9.19?


You can't just drop in a downloaded version of DCRAW and drop it the location of the LightZone version as LightZone uses a modified version of the file (at least it did - I'm assuming that this is still the case in version LightZone 4.0)

I fell foul of this one!

Re: DCRAW 9.19

> LightZone uses a modified version of the file

Right, that's still the case in v4.0.0.

So far the new version of modified dcraw is working fine on my develop machine, so I think we can upgrade the dcraw soon in next release.

Masahiro from dev-team

9.18 is coming

Just to be clear, the new dcraw that Masahiro refers to is dcraw 9.18. It should be included in the first updates that we make to LightZone.

9.19 added just two Samsung models and two exotic devices, so there's no pressure to get that one in. Raw Tone Curves are at the top of my priority list. I gotta get the Canon SL1/100D/X7 and T5i/700D/X7i profiles done and into the next release — those are very popular models. (Unfortunately, the SL1/100D/X7 will be burdened by the browser issue that also affects the 6D: the JPEG preview is a lossless JPEG, which the graphics library used by LightZone currently doesn't like. LightZone's editor works fine on those files, though.)