DCP file locations

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DCP file locations


Hoping someone can help me. I've recently started using CHDK on a canon camera for situation where I don't want carry my dSLR (I'm keen rock climber). Since there is no raw profile for the resulting DNG files I created by own using Adobe's DNG Profile Editor. This file has been saved in Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles (I'm using windows 8). When I open a file in Lightzone this profile does not appear to have been applied as the colours are all strange and the image very noisy. If I open the image in rawtherapee it looks a lot better.

Do I need to do something to make Lightzone apply this new/custom .dcp raw profile?



DNG only for adobe?

Hi there,

I myself had trouble with DNG you can even find me asking a similar question years ago on stackexchange....
DNG normally keeps the original file and a JPG file inside this container +  all edits on the original picture.

Adobe products can understand these edits, for other programs there Chinese as we say..

It's a way from adobe to make it more difficult to leave their camp.

As DNG is build upon a tiff your best bet is to use this format..

Best regards