Creating a new Raw Tone Curve

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Creating a new Raw Tone Curve

I have a problem creating a Raw Tone Curve for Ricoh GXR .dng file following the instructions in the wiki.

I try to set the luminosity values for the different zones matching the ones in the wiki.

I am relatively new to LigbtZone so I am not so familiar how to use the Zone mapping Tool so maybe I doing things i the wrong order.

I started with the lightest values setting patch A to luminosity 220 (Zone 9.7) and so forth.
All intermediate zones was set to luminosity values quite near the recommended ones.

But coming down to the darker zones (B, 17, 18,19) it was hard to match the recommended values. After many adjustments I got zones B, 17 and 18 to the recommended luminosity of 6, 5, and 4. But zone 19 stays at luminosity 6 even though the closest lighter zones have lower values.

I am sure I am doing something wrong. I appreciate any tips.

The end zones

As I noted in the wiki, "it's almost impossible to get the first two segments bright enough and the last two or three segments dark enough. Fortunately, none of this is very critical."

I wouldn't worry about it. As long as your overall picture looks pretty good, that's what matters.

OK, thanks.

OK, thanks.

I was confused over that in the dpreview studio shot for Ricoh GXR the darkest tone (19) from Kodaks grey scale card actually turned up as brighter then the to previous tones (17 and 18). I have now checked that that is the case even when using Aperture and ACR :-)

I noticed that there also is a Raw Tone Curve Developer Forum. Maybe I should put further questions in that forum instead of in this?