Create exact hues / colors

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Create exact hues / colors

I want to create exact or near exact hues / shades of colors

Example, I want to make a sky Prussian Blue


I can sort of do this with WB adjustment, choosing Blue and then guessing with the dropper

Is there a more precise way using maybe color balance?






My guess is that you cannot do what you are asking but perhaps a clarification is needed.  What do you mean by create? 


Obviously you can use the WB tool, along with a Region (Menu choice) to select the sky to desire to change and change it to Prussian Blue #003153.  Is that what you desire?  If so, then take a look at regions.  Remember that each tool has a "Color Selection" tab allowing you to narrow down the color you desire the tool to look at.  You can use the Color Mask tab within the tool to see what area of the image is being affected by your selection.


Hope this helps!



Create etc...

Thanks for your response, Steve. Say I want to alter an image to make it look more like a Kodachrome slide from the 1950s. I have several by others that I have downloaded just to work out exact colors / hues / saturation / hex color. So if I have a photo I have taken with a red car in the shot, I want that red look more like the red of a Coke sign in said Kodachrome sign. I have tried Hue / Saturation — opening the Kodachrome image and using the dropper to work out the red has a hex number ad1709 . I'd like a precise way instead of just using Brightness and going back and forth with the dropper. Maybe Gimp is a better way... Thanks

Color Balance

Probably your best bet is using the Color Balance Tool, which also has a color picker inside.  It gives you the power to move your pointer inside the color wheel to the desired color your want.  You can look at the included toning styles, or add new ones as Mart has done below.  Finally you can use the old Classic Color Balance tool which offers an RGB choice as well, although it is much more difficult to use, but better then the Hue/Saturation tool IMO.


The Color tool is listed under the Custom style section of the Styles.


Here is the old Classic Tool thread that discusses using the old RGB sliders. 




Linear prophoto

is LightZone's working colour space, so if RGB values of "prussian blue" are (0 49 83) in sRGB, LZ sampler will display them as (6 7 20), which are the values in linear prophoto colour space.

Here should be a prussian toning style with three instances.