Crashing when exporting.

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Crashing when exporting.


I know I have the dreading Fuji cameras with X-Trans censor but I though LZ was ok with these. Anyway when I select a .RAF file and export LZ just crashes with no conversion having taken place. Is this a known bug.




Check memory settings, I had

Check memory settings, I had same troubles and using better memory managements was gone.

I have the same problem on

I have the same problem on Ubuntu 13.04 and Lightzone 4.0.0, Fujifilm RAW files.

Lightzone just crashes.

marceloanelli, what do you mean by "better memory managements"? I already allowed Lightzone to use the maximum available memory.




Check your Java jre version.

Check your Java jre version. I recently started trying LZ and during saving or converting I also had crashes.

I found info that Java 6 is the issue. I checked what I had (I use Ubuntu Precise based distro) and I found I had both: Java 6 and Java 7. After removing Java 6 LZ started working perfectly.




using all memory is not a good practice, your os can stall.

using all memory is not a good practice, your os can stall

Good grief, does Window$ still have memory management problems? I thought this had been fixed in Windows 95.

In *nix based systems it is normal practice to use all memory and allow the OS to make dynamic decisions based on the "niceness" of the applications. Anything else is out of the Ark -- reminds me of Scotty talking to the mouse (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home).



Crashing in Manjaro Linux (Arch) fixed by installing beta

Don't mean to resurrect an old thread but this may help someone else.

I had problems with Lightzone crashing consistently in Manjaro Linux. It would start but if I remember correctly I couldn't edit anything without it crashing.

Fortunately I solved this by installing the latest Beta version. Manjaro Linux is a user friendly distro built from Arch. Arch has the benefit of being very up to date with new software releases so it was easy to install the Beta version. It's working perfectly now.