Is this the complete source tree?

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Is this the complete source tree?

I cloned what I thought is the source from github and got a directory that contains these files and directories shown below.  It looks to me like I am missing something and I don't seem to be able to find the source directory.  Can anyone point me in the right direction, please.

[/usr/data/src/LightZone] ls
CNAME  COPYING  debian  freebsd-ports  lightcrafts  linux  macosx  Splash.xcf  windows
[/usr/data/src/LightZone] du -hs
137M    .

You was here ??

and downloaded the zip ?? It works and compile for me- If this is not working. Are you behind a firewall ?? Apache ant works just fine


Hope you get it up and working. Otherwise ask ;-)) You can run it with

cmdline from within the build dir with 

linux/products $ ./lightzone


Have a nice day

Compile For Dummies?

Hi All,

I'm currently using Ubuntu 16.04 LS 4.1.7 64-bit version where everything works fine.  I was curious to try the new unstable version.  Will I see any conflicts if I have two versions out there?

Second, I downloaded the zip file as suggested by larshenrikoern above.  From the point on, I'm lost, never compiling software before, other then on a mainframe computer 20+ years ago.  I'm not even certain if I should be using the Linux or Debian source code.  Which one should I be using?

After that I'm further lost.  Can someone point me in the right direction?



Im on debian

First make sure you have build-essential, default-jdk, libtiff5-dev and the other mentioned dependecies installed with

apt-get install default-jdk build-essential libtiff5-dev

look in the file  LightZone-master/linux/ for other dependencies and howtos (not updated recently) build it with ant -f linux/build.xml

and then run:  ant -f linux/build.xml run

to test the build

You are on ubuntu so for you it might be oter things to look for, but if you have errors, google will be your friend.


Have a nice day