Color selection is not updated if modification occurs earlier in the tool stack.

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Color selection is not updated if modification occurs earlier in the tool stack.



I post this in Windows Beta testing, but this behavior also occurs with Linux version.


Sorry for this late report, since this matter exists since a long time, but it's not really a "stop stable release bug".


In fact, when you have multiple tools in the tools stack, if a tool use color selection (for hue and/or luminosity mask), any change in tools which are lower in the tool stack are simply ignored by the color selection set, and the color mask is not updated. The only way to update the mask is to modify it and what I usually do, is to check and uncheck "invert" option in color selection tab.


An easy way to view this bug is to take a picture with different hues in it, add a "hue/saturation" tool and after that a "black&white" tool.


Set the black&white color selection to only affect a specific hue.

Then, modify hue parameter in "hue/saturation" tool, and you can easily notice the black&white effect is always applied to the original area, nevermind which hue does it has after modifying the "hue/saturation" tool.

Just check/uncheck "invert" option in color selection tab of the Black&White tool, and you'll can constat how color mask should have be.


Even if you don't update color mask by check un check "invert", saving your work re-process de color selection, and saved picture is what it's supposed to be.

Just to mention that, I had

Just to mention that, I had open a bugreport about that on git hub :



Does anybody can reproduce

Does anybody can reproduce this ? Any comment ? 

I notice with a great

I notice with a great pleasure, since the issue is still marked "open", the new version 4.1.2 fix this issue and, after some test, can confirm all works like it should !!

It's really a useful improvement when you modify tools inside the tool stack with some color selections activated, which is one of the key feature of Lightzone versatility.

Thanks Masahiro & the team