Color Punch style

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Color Punch style

More colorful colors, and just a bit more contrast, with a single click. The default Opacity on this style is dialed down to 30%, so there's plenty of room if you want to really crank it up.

A small caution: this style can blow out a few highlights if you have some that are right on the edge of being blown out. For a few images, you may need to reduce the highlights a bit before applying this tool.

To download this style, right-click here, choose Save As, and put it into your LightZone/Templates folder. The file name that I use is Effects;Color Punch.lzt, but you can use whatever name you like.

Colour Punch style

Thanks, Doug - I really like this effect.

Thanks too

I found It's very useful!


I don't seem to have a "Templates" folder in my Lightzone folder.  How do I save this?

OOPS ... Sorry

OOPS.  Sorry. I found out what I was doing wrong.  



Thanks for the template :)

Thanks for the template :)

Very cool programm. I really like it !


Thanks for such a nice tool :)


Best regards,


how do i find templates folder

how do i find my  "Templates" folder in my Lightzone folder? sorry new to this.

My documents>Lightzone

My documents>Lightzone>templates (not the one in program files) :)

Very nice

Doug, just downloaded LightZone yesterday and have been working with it. Ran across your Color Punch style while I was reading the article Blending Modes. Just wanted to say thanks for providing a lot of good information to someone new to LightZone and the Style.



Template download

I'm running Ubuntu 14.04.  When I right click on your template link, there is no "save as" choice.

If I left click, the code pops up.

So, do I copy that and paste it into a text editor to make it work?

Pardon my ignorance, I'm a huge consumer, but not handy with the inner workings of computer software.


It depend largely wihich Web

It depend largely wihich Web browser you use, but often it's "save the link target" or "save the target" (may be not the exact text, my system is in french).

But copy paste works too ;)

In Ubuntu 13.10 I opened the

In Ubuntu 13.10 I opened the link in a new tab (Firefox).  Then "File>Save Page As" into LightZone Template folder.  Color Punch appeared in my Effects menu

after restarting LZ.  I didn't use a text editor.

Never mind

Follows my own hunch, and it appears to be correct, however, I am on version 4.1 Beta 7 and your template is already there.

Now to find more templates (I'm greedy!).



Nice filter

Thanks :)

Thanks Doug!

Quite a nice template :-)



I ask for your permission to share your style in facebook page Lightzone Project.


Marcelo Anelli