Color management problem on Mac OS X 10.10

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Color management problem on Mac OS X 10.10

The images look much brighter and significantly less saturated compared to other color managed programs like Gimp.

All my files have Adobe color space embedded. Could this be the reason?

Does any one else see this problem?

Lightzone version 4.1.0~beta13


Raw files bright and flat

Yeah, I think I'm seeing this too.

It's great to have it back running under OS X Yosemite, but I spent the last few days thinking I'd really messed up a photo shoot.

So many images seem fairly blown out and flat and take quite a bit of work to pull back to something useful.

Out of curiosity I opened an image in both Lightzone (Beta 13) and Canon's own software, DPP.

The screen captures are taken with the image freshly opened and completely untreated/unprocessed. I haven't messed with Raw tone curves, exposure, ZoneMapper or anything else.

The difference between the two is dramatic. Image 1 is the image in LightZone.

Image 2, below is the exactly the same Raw image opened at the same time in Canon DPP.

This is quite a difference for an image that hasn't yet been touched.

Raw files bright and flat

I was interested to see what difference there might be on my set up - MacBook Pro - Yosemite with LZ beta 13 and DPP latest download. The file is from a Canon 7d. The screenshots have been combined into one file, the left hand is from LZ, the right from DPP.

The DPP image is not adjusted and is truer to the shooting conditions, not a bright day taken below the canopy of the tree with other tall trees creating shade. The LZ image is brighter and is not adjusted coming straight from the 7d Raw curve built into LZ.

The result appears to be the opposite of your example. I do not know where this takes us, but I do know I prefer the straight LZ result.


Hi Kris,

Maybe I have misunderstood you, but this would appear to be the same as my situation (not the opposite) with the DPP image being closer to shoot conditions and the LZ image brightened and with less contrast.


My error - I saw the

My error - I saw the reference to DPP below the first image and made the wrong assumption. We both have the same difference! The question is does it matter?

Either way, whether it is the LZ or DPP opening result, you have a starting point from both to tailor the image as you see fit. Both programs read the RAW file information and apply their own RAW curve, hence the difference of interpretation.

One could say that the DPP curve should be more correct as it comes direct from the camera manufacturer.

The LZ curve may be "home" made in a sense. In the case of the Canon 7d, I am not sure if it comes from Lightcraft days or if it is one developed after Lightcraft departed the scene. Perhaps one of the Lightzone team can clarify that? The same may apply to the RAW curve related to the camera you are using.

In the case of my example the result could be taken to indicate that the LZ curve for the 7d could be improved.


Unlike other programs, DPP also reads internal camera settings, so for comparison of starting points I would disable "auto lighting optimizer", I would set "picture style" to faithful or neutral (I don't know the difference) and disable sharpening, noise reduction and lens corrections first. And perhaps you could give a link to one of your raw images here.


Have a nice day!





Hi Mart

My 7d is set as folows: auto lighting optimizer disabled, picture style neutral, color space Adobe RGB, white balance auto, ISO speed 400, peripheral illumination correction enabled, and sharpness, contrast, saturation, color tone all set to zero

I am not sure how to give you a link to one of the raw images - I am on a Mac (Yosemite) but have nothing set up for such a link - I can investigate but it might take a while - any suggestion would be welcome.


Hi, Kris.

Never mind, I can't be of any use here, I have checked several 7d pictures, with srgb and adobe rgb color space, and was not able to reproduce this, but I have no mac available, only windows (and virtual linux). LZ and DPP did surprisingly similar/comparable images here.


I believe your 7d/DPP settings are fine for this purpose, so you probably only need mac users to try to verify this.


Good night!






Here are short instructions how to upload this kind of files for others to test:



Hi Mart

Hi Mart

I have noted you have not been able to reproduce the difference on a Windows machine. It may be something specific to the Mac, and may not be significant in the sense that editing in LZ can recover the difference and move on beyond if one has that in mind.

Thank you for the information about uploading files.


Same Issue

Does anyone know how to fix this issue or is the only optioning editing the color back in the photograph.

same issue here, makes

same issue here, makes LightZone nearly unusable since i dont know if this is a Gamma issue or something else

Okay, did some tests tonight and its "only" how the image is displayed, the file looks the same as it was before the update when its outside LZ. So there seems to be a gamma boost when the image is displayed inside LZ. Maybe a problem with the ProRGB profile ??

So any news on this problem,

So any news on this problem, could it be a Gamma problem with Mac OS 10.10 ?

Gamma problem LZ 4.1.4

I'm running LZ 4.1.4 on a mac 10.11.2 (El Capitan) and also have this problem.  Gamma doesn't match that used in the other color-managed applications I use: PhotoShop, Gimp, et al.  Using both sRGB and ProPhoto out of the latter programs and into LZ, LZ shows elevated midrange.  It really hurts my workflow, would love to know what possible solutions there might be.



Color management OSX 10.11.2

I have the same problem, LZ 4.1.4 on osx 10.11.2 the colors looks desaturated also magenta cast is present.

I try prophoto, Adobe RGB, sRGB and the problem in present on all profiles.

Apple colorsync issue?

I don't know, it looks like a profile color management...