Checking a Raw Tone Curve EOS 600D/REBEL T3I

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Checking a Raw Tone Curve EOS 600D/REBEL T3I

I was watching the You Tube video on creating Raw Tone Curves. I then downloaded a sample file from for my camera ( and loaded into Lightzone. I then added BW and Gaussian Blur as in the video and sampled the grey areas. The values I got which are 203, 162, 116, 61, 20, 3 are quite different from the expected 232, 149, 91, 49, 23, 8.  

I had previously downloaded the CameraDefaults from Templates/CameraRawProfiles/Canon/CameraDefault;CANON EOS REBEL T3I.lzt and placed this in my LightZone/Templates folder with the correct file extension.

Am I doing something wrong or have I misunderstood what the video was showing me? I have checked the LightZone log file and there are no errors showing, so I assume that it is finding the correct CameraDefault file.Here's what the log says:

JavaAppLauncher checkWindowsVersion()
= Windows Vista
This is LightZone 4.0.0 (860b0ba)
Running Java version 1.6.0_41
Verifying Libraries
Initializing Engine Utilities
Max Memory: 715849728
Total Memory: 16121856
Running on 4 processors
Allocating 853MB for the image cache.
found sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Display profile sRGB display profile with display hardware configuration data derived from calibration
Display profile sRGB display profile with display hardware configuration data derived from calibration
Loading Classes
Scanning Color Profiles
Restoring Preferences
Starting Logging
Scanning Saved Documents
Light Crafts JAI Library - 02/05/07
Opening C:\Users\Pete\Downloads\T3IhVFAI00100.CR2
Checking cache for: C:\Users\Pete\Downloads\T3IhVFAI00100.CR2
Retrieved Cached image in 4ms
daylightMultipliers: 2.176215, 1.000045, 1.653767
Daylight Temperature : 6040.0
cameraMultipliers: 2217.0, 1024.0, 1442.0
Camera Temperature: 6937.0
Scaling with: 2.165039, 2.1761172, 1.853074
Correlated Temperature: 5527.0