can't run beta12 on my Debian 7

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can't run beta12 on my Debian 7

I recently tried to install beta 12 on my Debian 7 with openbox as my window manager. After i did this,  lightzone can't seem to run anymore. 

I initially had a problem with my gnome-keyring so to work around this, i edited the appropriate .desktop file under etc/xdg/autostart to include OPENBOX.

After that, the error message I got was "cannot run program "./Lightzone-forkd" : error =13, Permission denied

For this, I went to /usr/lib/lightzone and verified the LightZone-forkd had +x permissions. Even with executable permissions, I still get the same error message. What can I do to fix this? 

directory permission?

I just want to make sure, did you set executable permisson to its directory too, say "sudo chmod +x /usr/lib/lightzone" ?



Yes, the /lightzone directory

Yes, the /lightzone directory had +x permissions. In the meantime, I went back to my previous beta version (ver 9) by restoring my recently saved partition image. This does not have any /usr/lib/lightzone directory.  I will try to install ver 12 on my ubuntu 12.04 partition later and if i'm successful with that, i'll try to re-install this version again on my debian partition.

status: solved

Beta12 now works on both my Debian and Ubuntu partitions.


The previous version i had (beta9) was installed by directly downloading the .deb files. With beta12, I just added the additional lightzone repository  and installed it via apt-get.


For both Ubuntu and Debian, i got these error messages during the apt-get install process:

chmod: cannot access `/usr/share/java/lightzone/LightZone-forkd': No such file or directory

chmod: cannot access `/usr/share/java/lightzone/dcraw_lz': No such file or directory


However, the program was able to successfully launch anyway.




I forgot to change the paths

I forgot to change the paths in debian/postinst script before I released the beta12. I'll fix it in next beta.

Thank you for your report, hombrey!