Canon Rebel T5 Raw Profile

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Canon Rebel T5 Raw Profile

When I tried to edit the Raw images from my Canon Rebel T5, I get an invalid image file error, and a listing in a temp folder for a "pgm" file.

I looked up the Raw image help page, and under the listing of Canon profiles, find a T3 profile, but no T5 profile, which I suspect is the issue with trying to edit my files.

Can someone confirm that the problem is that I do not have a T5 profile loaded on this version on LightZone. I loaded the latest stable version of the program. So, I am wondering if the T5 profile is available, and if it is, how do I download and install it?

If it is not available, will there be one in the near future, or is there a way to create one?


Opening Canon T5 RAW files in LightZone

So, after doing some research on the web, I found a YouTube video that talked about creating a RAW profile file for LightZone. In the video, I noticed that their RAW file had an "ORF" file extension. I changed the "CR2" file extension on the Canon RAW files to "ORF" and found that LightZone was able to open and edit these files.

Now, if I can just figure out how to let LightZone know that CR2 and ORF files are the same.


Changing the file extension

is not the right approach. LightZone actually opens the renamed photo, reading the metadata and knowing, it is a CR2 file. Don't do that.

For me, on Windows, LightZone opens a T5 photo correctly (sample), with a raw tone curve, but it opens a 1200D photo without a tone curve. There might be an issue here - Canon doesn't make it any easier using different silly names for the same cameras - but, to begin with, inform us about your operating system and LightZone version, please.

- Mart

To fix this issue, I'll

To fix this issue, I'll introduce a camera compatibility list in next release.



This is a tedious work,

thank you. Perhaps it should be pinned/linked to be easy to find, so we could help adding new camera models.

Be well, the whole family!