Canon EOS 750D

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Canon EOS 750D


How do I make the raw tone for the Canon T6i automatically apply to the Canon EOS 750D? These are the same but we have a different name in Europe.



Same thing with 760D,

it opens without tone curve, while T6s gets one. The exif:Model tags are different, Canon's Model ID is the same for both "versions" (and most likely for the third one). This didn't happen with previous models, I suppose it is a glitch. A workaround could be copying the "American" curve and making it a custom camera profile.

EDIT: It works, of course. Open a T6i photo and "save as style" the raw tone curve as

CameraDefault;CANON EOS 750D.lzt

Or take the one I just made:

You can make a bug report and developers will fix this for the next version.

Have a nice day!


EDIT 2: Added profile for EOS 760D.