burned skin problem with Nikon D3300

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burned skin problem with Nikon D3300

Hi all,

I'm having problems with LZ working with Nikon D3300 NEF Files. The skin of persons exposed to the sun looks redish, like burned. I tested with DarkTable and the pictures are ok.

I'm running LZ v 4.1.6 (latest) on OpenSuse Leap. I try to attach a picture but I only get a window with "You are not authorized to access this page" :-(



Same problem


I'm having the same problem.

This is the JPEG as exported from Lightzone by converting the Nikon D5100 NEF file:


In other programs such as geeqie it shows 'well'. Also when using ufraw-batch.

The funny thing is that when I browse the files in Lightzone, it shows the "correct" version.  Only when I click 'edit'  I see what is in the JPEG.

I'm using Linux, Ubuntu 16 and tried both Lightzone 4.1.5 and 4.1.6.

I couldn't find any place in Lightzone where to fiddle with RAW profiles though. Is there such place? I only found 'RAW tone curve' and 'RAW adjustments, but the skin is burned no matter what  I try in 'RAW adjustments'.


Video of Creating Raw Tone Curve

Perhaps there is a problem with the Raw Tone Curve for that camera.  Doug Pardee has an excellent video describing how to create your very own RTC, see -->  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4U8Hv612Gw


I did check Imaging Resource to make sure that the camera is listed and it is.  Here is the thumbnail page that Doug references -->  http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/D5100/D5100THMB.HTM


Hope this helps!



Wow, that's horrible!

Maybe this weekend I can check the raw profile for this camera, although it's going to be a busy weekend with family things... :-/

Are all the files like this?

Magenta -> dcraw

The magenta color is characteristic of a dcraw failure. The D5100 isn't a new camera, and you're using the most recent versions of LightZone, so there shouldn't be a mismatch. But apparently there is.

One thing to try: clear your LightZone cache. It's possible that LightZone has kept a bad version of the demosaiced Raw file. When you clear the cache, it'll force LightZone to redo the demosaicing.

In browse mode, Lightzone

In browse mode, Lightzone show the embed camera version,not the "correct" one. ;)

Probably geeqie do the same things and don't achieve any demosaicing from the true raw data, but ufraw batch should not, apart if there's an option to only extract embed jpeg.


Suggestion to clear the cache could be a good idea.

Sorry, we had to disable attachments...

for security reasons.  #$@%&* spammer/hackers!

I will be looking into this soon, though. 

I'd like to get more files from this camera, please

jpg's and raw's .  Different exposures, natural and artificial light.