bug in Epson 3800 driver for Lightzone

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bug in Epson 3800 driver for Lightzone

Several years ago, before the re-organization of Lightzone to its present open-source resurrection, I reported a suspected bug in Lightzone. Whenever I print from Lightzone to my Epson 3800 printer, a one-inch wide artifact appears all down the right edge of the print, as though the image were folding back upon itself at that edge. The then-owners confirmed that it was indeed a bug and promised a fix.  However, it was just around the time the whole enterprise changed hands, so the fix never came.  Now I'm running 4.1.7 and the bug is still there.  To print after working on an image in Lightzone, I have to open it in either Photoshop or Lightroom in order for the artifact not to appear on the right-edge of the print.  Is there the possibility of a fix forthcoming?  I do love the program, but am not willing to continue having to print using a different program. 

bug in Epson 3800 driver

Can't believe that I'm the only one who has encountered this. Maybe no one uses the 3800 anymore?

Lightzone team, are you listening?

Issues Tracker

I haven't done this myself but this the location to put bugs/issues/concerns in --> https://github.com/Aries85/LightZone/issues


Take a look, maybe someone already put the issue in