Better control for cropping and rotation

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Better control for cropping and rotation


It would be nice if LZ had a better control over image cropping and rotation. Now it's very hard to apply similar settings to multiple images as the "Lift tools" don't copy-paste the cropping and rotation. It would be nice if it were possible to copy-paste also these settings and/or finetune the cropping and rotation with numerical parameters. So in addition to cropping with mouse it would be possible to specify cropping from left/right and top/bottom or upper left corner and widht+height and in rotation specify the rotation angle.


I agree, I encountered this

I agree, I encountered this situation a lot while using LightZone (I switched from Lightroom recently!).


Crop-Settings should be copy/pastable as well. And while we are at it, in edit-mode, in would be nice if the crop tool would remember it's settings (ratio/locked), when re-entereing crop-mode for the same image (at least).. o)



A workaround



Check my last post in thread for a workaround. It's not the most convenient, but can do the trick.



I agree with that, it would

I agree with that, it would be nice.


I was using Nikon Capture NX 2 before I get my Fuji and crop and rotate tool work like classic tools (copy/ paste works, enable/disable works too).


One thing I already suggest is to "cache" image before/after rotation step because when I set a rotation and navigate in history to view before / after there's always a black screen between, and seeing the diffrence is really difficult.

I think make rotate and crop as other LZ tools would be great, particulary the ability to enable/disable their.


I agree too:

When I am in rotate mode I can see nowhere an indication about the degrees of the rotation. It could be useful know this value. Idem for the "crop".


When I am in the browser and I make a "Copy tools" and "Paste tools", all the tools I used are applied but not the crop and rotation settings. Why not?
     It could be useful add a function "Copy rotation an crop" - "Paste rotation and crop".

Pushing this subject up



I like to return to this old post of mine.


The current images are much larger that the current screen resolution is. Current screens are roughly 2M (or less) and many cameras today produce images of 20M pixels. Taking into account the different aspect ratios of the screen and the extra space required by menus etc one pixel on the screen represents roughly 4×4 pixels of the source image. When you crop the image in LZ the image is automatically fitted into the screen, so it is where hard to do precise work. Also when trying to crop with the mouse it is very hard to move the mouse only one pixel so in practise you are working on a granularity of ~10 pixels. When working with panoramas the compression and granularity gets even higher.


I would like to work either with numerical values or use the cropping tool on a zoomed image.



Yes, you are correct I think

This is something we need to move up the wish list for the very reasons you state.  I'm working with files from a 645Z now and I feel your pain.

FYI, you can zoom-in using

FYI, you can zoom-in using Ctrl-= or Ctrl+wheel even in crop mode. I think it is useful when the image is too large to crop in FIT scale. 



I didn't know that



Thank you Masahiro I didn't know this mouse functionality. I had tried zoom buttons, but they cancel the crop function.



Idea for further improvement


i don't like the rotation tool too. A line which you can draw for the desired horizon would be a nice feature. But i'm also missing the possibility to correct distortions, because i often fotograph buildings with wideangle lenses. So i have the following idea:

Add a new "distortion" tab to the tools. This could contain sliders for rotation, horizontal perspective, vertical perspective and one for pincushion/barrel. This would also give the possibility to type in values and even to use the settings as preset/style.


Lens correction is on the way

If I understand well, Masahiro works on lens correction, after that, it could be nice to integrate rotation tool in lens correction tool, but, imho, LZ should keep a simple rotation tool but I agree that a better control for this simple tool, with slider and possibilities to directly enter some values would be great.


Additionally, it could be great if Rotate/Crop were processed after the tool stack was, with mainly one thing in my mind : the clone tool, if you crop/rotate after using it on the border of an image could lost the source picture of an area if this one is cropped resulting in black area appearance.

About cloning

I support Photonoxx in the tool order. I have also images that would have good material to clone from, but it's "unaccessible" because it's outside the crop area.



Pushing this issue up

I just today encountered this situation. I cloned out some junk on grass and then cropped the image. The result was that what was grass before cropping became "black hole" afterwards.




There will be automatic Lens Correction via Lensfun. Tex has described the tool for lens correction also will have sliders to change the effect. This will make manual correction and distortion possible, hopefully making a lot creative effects possible. Maybe there might as well be possible to use numeric values as well.


The order off the tools in lightzone are decided by the user, it means that there is no right or wrong but a lot more possibilities than in many other programs. On the other hand it is nice if the tools had a bit more logical placement so for instance, noise reduction was easy applied before for instance sharpening (wich is currently not the case). This would make the first use of the program a more intuitive experience


Have a nice day

Basic noise reduction should,

Basic noise reduction should, where possible, be applied at the default RAW Adjustments level for RAW files.


The  NR tools could then be deployed as required - perhaps with a region selected or colour/luminosity range chosen.


For jpg editing, other than a gernal rule of "fix noise early" I have never felt a need to be especially restrictive and there have been times when creating use of NR well up the tool stack has produced the most effective results.