Beta13 - cannot use regions tool

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Beta13 - cannot use regions tool


I'm using beta13 under OpenSuse 13.2 with openjdk 1.7.0_71 and i cannot use the regions selection tool.

When i click on the "region mode" and then select the form (any of them) the cursor doesn't change, it stays as an arrow, and i cannot select any region points on the image. It just does nothing.

Let me know what informaitons you would need to help debug this.

Me too

I am having the same problem (running LZ 4.1 Beta8).  I simply can't seem to get Regions to work.   There are times - and I can't predict when - that the Regions tool does come up and I and select a region, but it's hard to even get to this point.  And when I can and do select a region, it immediately disappears whenever I do anything else.  I think the regions feature has some serious bug.  (That, or I really am having trouble figuring out how to use it.)


Well, i feel pretty stupid,

Well, i feel pretty stupid, but i figured out how to use region tools.

The trick is that you have to enable a tools first (like relight) and then select the region tool and select the region you want to work with.