Beta 9 issue withe external drives

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Beta 9 issue withe external drives

have installed the Beta9. When opening LZ i do not see other drives as the C;/ drive. The second partition on my PC do nto show up (drivve G:/ as well as the external 4TB Lacie Drive where my pics are.

Of course the work arount is to open a file wher you can selcet the drive.

see word document: with teh screen shots.

Hope it helps.

By the way, where is the place to post the observations about beat testing ?

Cheers.... francois


Hello Francois,

Hello Francois,


I have a 4GB USB3 external drive  (HGST) which is connected by a 3mtr cable and sometimes 'disappears' or fails to re-connect after hibernation.


It also goes into a sleep mode from time to time.


Working with a shorter USB3 cable seems to work more reliably for reconnections. Waking frmo sleep mode takes longer than I would expect but does come back to life.


If the drive is asleep I have to click on "Computer" and open up the required folders that way to drill down to the drive I want (It is the same for card readers and the inbuilt SD card reader. However they do all work once that is done.


Your posted screen sample file seems to be just an Icon. There is no way to embed an image in the forum but you can save it to a cloud storage service and provide a link to it from there. As far as I could tell there was nothing on my system that would see the icon as a link. I may have missed something.











Hi Grant, I checked again and it is defintely the case. The USB cbale si short (30cm) and the dricve G :/ sceond particion on my windows PC  is mot visinle.

Do you have a site I can upload bitmaps ? I do not have cloud access (yet) .

Best regards.... Francois

Francois, you can directly

Francois, you can directly upload pictures via the editor ("add media"-button).



thank you.

thank you very much.

pictues posted

Release 4


Release 4.1.Beta9: