Beta 9 Bug: Cannot Convert Raw Images

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Beta 9 Bug: Cannot Convert Raw Images

In Beta 9, I am not able to convert multiple raw images.  The attached file contains details on how to reproduce the bug.







I'm not sure that LZ will have been checked over for running with Win 8.1.


There are 2 Convert options. One for a single file conversion and one for batch conversion. Looks like you are running the batch conversion for single files in your example.


It might be useful to the developers to know whether you get the same results if you use the single image (non-batch) conversion (it has slightly different functionality realting to no requirement to consider batch processing) using Win 8.1.


In addition it might be useful to know whether you see any problems using the Batch version of the process with a selection of multiple files.


I would test this myself but I don't have Win 8.1. I have not seen the problem using Win 7 - but that does not mean it does not in some way exist.