Beta 6 A small problem - red tint for some Canon RAW initial views.

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Beta 6 A small problem - red tint for some Canon RAW initial views.

I noticed this a few days ago but don't think I recorded it here specifically


Canon S90 and G11 (much the same internals I believe)  and possibly some others of course, though my 1D3 files look OK so far and the 600D files have always been a bit 'interesting'.


On loading a folder of images the browser images look fine but the larger view of thre RAW file has a very strong pink to red colouration. Beta 5, as I recall, was OK. (Yes I should check but I'm fairly confident ...)


Opening the file for edit removes the red colouration and thereafter things seem to be alright. It looks Ok after saving and so far I have not seen the problem return for an edited file, i.e. the lzn version, when selected, looks fine.


It's odd, but not a big deal UNLESS it is a symptom of some other underlying problem or unexpected change that may influence other stuff down the road. I'm wondering if it might be something to do with DCRAW or something in that area?







Serge Schmitt
Beta 6 A small problem - red/pink tint

With my rw2 (Pana G1) and orf (Oly E-M5) files it occurs also, but randomly and seldom.

Once edited, the original file itself returns looking OK.