Beta 5 32-bit - LZ fails as Rawtherapee external editor

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Beta 5 32-bit - LZ fails as Rawtherapee external editor

While this combo has never worked for me in the past, I was and remain optimistic that this setup should work with the latest LZ beta and RT binaries.  My latest attempt was with RT and LZ beta 5, but the files I send to LZ from RT threw an Error popup stating: "WideCharToMultiByte error".  The error occurs after the LZ splash screen is displayed, and clicking the popup's OK button simply returns me to RT.

FWIW, my 32-bit Vista Home Premium system is loaded with the maximum 4GB of addressable RAM and has the 3GB flag set as recommended by the Rawtherapee documentation.  The raw files I'm working with are in the Olympus ORF format.


same problem with Beta 5 64-bit

I tried it in Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium with RT 64-bit.

Regards, dke

the problem still exists,

the problem still exists, Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium with RT 4.1.38 64-bit.

Problem persists with LZ

Problem persists with LZ beta13 set as external editor for RawTherapee 4.2.3 on Windows Vista 32-bit, but with some changes.  No longer is LZ reporting the "WideCharToMultiByte error" after the LZ splash screen.  Instead, the LZ File Browser is opened and displays thumbnails in the most recently used folder, but the image is not loaded for editing.  As I understand it, where LZ is successfully used as an external editor, as in LR (which I don't have), the image is opened directly for editing in LZ and the FIle Browser component of the application is hidden/disabled.


Lightzone works as an external editor for Rawtherapee 4.2.231

The latest lightzone 4.1.1 works as an external editor for Rawtherapee 4.2.231 (latest version) on Win 8.1. Just put the path for the lightzone executable file in the "other command line" tab for the External Editor. For example, I put C:\Program Files\Lightzone\lightzone.exe 

I can confirm that for Win 7

I can confirm that for Win 7/64.




Try on W7 64 bits and it

Try on W7 64 bits and it seems to work...


Can you confirm the use of LZ as external editor is to open the RAW processed by RT as a TIF file in Lightzone ? Because I don't found option to open directly from browser...

From RawPedia:

"You can use the "Edit current image in external editor" button located at the bottom-left of the preview panel to process your raw in RawTherapee and send it straight to an image editor such as Gimp or Photoshop for further processing. When using this feature, RawTherapee processes your image and saves it as a gamma-encoded 16-bit integer TIFF to the temporary folder. These intermediate files, due to being outside of RawTherapee's control, do not get automatically deleted when you close RawTherapee, so you should keep this in mind and clean them out manually."


So yes, it seems to work like you said.




Just want to clarify,

Since v4.1.0 you can open an image via command line, so LZ works as an external editor of RT :)