Beta 12 & 13 : Moving tool in tool stack need two mouse operation

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Beta 12 & 13 : Moving tool in tool stack need two mouse operation

Previously (until Beta 11), moving a tool in the tool stack need only one click and drag to operate, but since beta 12, when I click and drag a tool this one shifts a very little (2-3 pixel may be ?)  from its original place, but don't move in the tool stack, the tool is blocked in this "shifted" position. If i want to move the tool, I have to click and drag a second time and all works as previously


When the tool is in "shifted" position, if I just click on it, it takes back its original position, and adopt the same behavior as described above.


Is anyone experience the same issue ?

No comment ? Any body who can

No comment ? Any body who can confirm this issue ?

I've the same problem here..

I've the same problem here...thank you for the tip with the second click, I was not so realy aware of it.

Ok sometimes the tool moved further or later, but most of the time I keept the finger on the mousebutton while trying to move  and

nothing happens..... :)

I just have occasion to test

I just have occasion to test beta 13 on Windows, and this behavior doesn't seems to occur on windows...

I can not reproduce this on

I can not reproduce this on ubuntu studio.

Could it be because I use

Could it be because I use Oracle Java 8 ?

Well, I have the default

Well, I have the default openjdk 7 installed.

Ok Have too install Oracle

Ok Have too install Oracle version because I have another java software who need it... May be I'll try to reinstall OpenJDK to test if it's the source of the issue.

Ok, I put back OpenJDK 7 as

Ok, I put back OpenJDK 7 as default java runtime on my computer and the matter doesn't occur anymore... So it seems to be linked with Oracle Java 8 with my Linux (I use PPA version for Ubuntu).

New Repositories for Fedora 21 soon?

I've got F21 KDE Fedora installed and can't get the F20 repositories to install Lightzone beta or 4.0 stable. Presently nothing works or installs.  We need to update these so we can continue 

testing  this app. Thankyou to  all involved and concerned with this wonderful app. 

Rich :) 

The cause of this tool stack

The cause of this tool stack issue is a bug in Java 8:


I'm going to add a (not perfect) workaround for this issue in next release, because the original bug won't be fixed soon, at least until jdk8u60.



Java confusion?

I opened my computer this morning to find a window stating a Java update is available. It referred to Java 7 Update 75 now available and stated that Java 7 Update 71 is installed.

The window offered further information which I clicked to open. The information offered is all about Java 8 release changes ranging from Java 8 Update31 down to Java 8 Update 5, nothing to do with Java 7 Update 75. The text refers to security changes, etc.

This does not fill me with confidence as to which version it will update to if I click on update. Thre was an issue previously with Lightzone not working with a Java update and the need to go back to an earlier version. Does that issue still exist?

Any advice please?

I am on OS X v10.10.1 and Lightzone 4.1.0 (4280b4c) beta 14.