Batch Conversion

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Batch Conversion

Dear community,

I have a question regarding the batch conversion of .cr2 raw files (Canon) to .jpeg . I select the files for conversion and choose "Convert" in the "Browser" menue. I set the output directory, the output format (jpeg) and the quality (100 %) and start the batch conversion process. But LZ only converts one to three images out of 100 images. For the other images it says "Unknown file: com.lightcrafts.image.BadImageFileException  ...\AppData\Local\Temp\LZRAWTMP4763694727797498810.pgm". I have to close and restart the program to be able to restart the batch conversion. But again it let me only convert the first one or two pictures and then it doesn't find the other pictures anymore. I reproduced this error on three different machines and with various batch numbers of images. Even only choosing two images for batch conversion gives the same error after the first image has been converted. I saved the pictures to a local directory after it didn't work on a server. But that didn't solve the problem.

Any ideas what causes the problem and how I can work around it?

Many thank's for your help,


I must admit,

I have never tried to use LightZone this way, but it works for me. Converting a group of 48 18 MP cr2 photos directly to huge 100% jpeg images only took a couple of minutes, without errors, on a Win7/64 machine with 16 GB memory. Memory usage went to maximum, 8 GB.

How many photos did you try to convert, which version of Windows are you using, with how much RAM available?

- Mart

I didn't notice this in time,

somehow you made two posts for the same issue, perhaps Tex should delete this one.