Avast blocking this site

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Avast blocking this site

Since 24. November, Avast is blocking this site. I have mentioned this before off-topic in another thread, but I think it deserves to be outlined here. Avast is a popular AV, so this site is, among others, unavailable to it's users, unless they disable Avast's "web shield", like I did.


I have no idea how serious this could be, and I suppose we could be short of security experts, so here is what some of the Avast "evangelists" (very experienced, helpful forum users) had to say:




Please, consider this while upgrading the site's software. Consulting the host could be useful. As one of the helpful guys (see link above) said: "When I see infections/problems like this I always wonder where the security from the host is. The host should have detected it and at least should have noticed the domain owner of the problem(s) in my opinion."





After today site update to


after today site update to Drupal 7.41, chrome is not blocking the site anymore.

Even the spam I had in the site frontpage when using Chrome on my Android smartphone is gone.


Can you check if the site update has fixed the Avast issue as well?

JQuery version

FYI, I just now (11:45 AM PST Tuesday) updated the JQuery version. That might help some of the checks.

AVAST still blocking the site

Hello Doug

Avast is still blocking the site.

I excluded it from scanning and I've access. Earlier, when I wanted to go to the forum Chrome blocked the acces with a red screen with warnings. That is over now by the update.

Kind regards


No more blocking here

I suggest clearing the browser's cache, on my computer Avast has no more problems with the site. Neither has Chrome. JQuery-related problem seems to be solved. I'll try some other checks later.


Thanks for your efforts,