Automatic noise reduction amount based on iso in metadata

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Automatic noise reduction amount based on iso in metadata

Pretty self explanatory, it would take a photo's iso and based on the user preset (each user could calibrate to their camera) automatically set the grain noise reduction value


not a bad idea at all.....if we can get the metadata to communicate in that way with the editor.

Perhaps something like

darktable's denoise – profiled (see module?

It looks quite complex, using community-made profiles, but, as far as I have tried, still often needs manual intervention. So it needs a lot of developers' and users' work for decent results.


I was thinking the same thing, but with a wrinkle..

which would be an idea I've had about making LZ more batch-process friendly.  So, this idea and maybe some others would be mainly implemented on the browser module side of things.  Just something that has been percolating around in my lots of other random stuff, like my idea for a great Turkish-Ottoman restaurant for my neighborhood.