Area For Styles To Be Uploaded And Shared

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Area For Styles To Be Uploaded And Shared

If I'm correct and its possible for Styles to be saved and shared with other users, do you think it would be possible to have a download section on the site for that?

I'm thinking that if somebody creates a style that they believe does a good job of processing an image for example from a D90 on a sunny day, or an overcast day, or a particular mood of photograph then it would be useful for them to have a particular place to share them.

Maybe it would also be good for people to be able to give them a rating (although I'm not sure if this would discourage people from submitting them).

Yes, very good Idea. I'll set

Yes, very good Idea. I'll set one up, probably in the Developer's Corner part of the forums.

Area For Styles

Tex - I think there is a Templates area already in the forums. But either because it was hidden away there, or because the number of members was nothing like it is currently, nobody seemed to have dropped anything there. Maybe it needs to be something that is on the side of a mainpage - or in the menu at the top of the page. I think the more visible it is, the more chance it may get used.

Yes, indeed there is. Silly

Yes, indeed there is. Silly me.

I thin, this would be a great

I think, this would be a great thing. For example the classic tools, that currently are not really easy to find.




BTW: Wouldn´t it make sense to integrate the Classic Tool Styles in the official LZ releases? Most of them are really useful and the underlying code is part of LightZone.

Some classic tools in the next release

I've thrown three classic tools — ones that I think are unique and useful — into the hat for the next release. Those are:

  • Black & White;Channel Mixer
  • Detail Enhancement;High-Pass Filter
  • High Contrast;Tone Mapper

I use the High-Pass Filter and the Tone Mapper a lot. Some people might be more comfortable with the Channel Mixer than the current B&W tool.

(The names above don't necessarily match earlier names. I tried to fit these tools into the current Styles structure.)

I have collected tools from

I have collected tools from lz 2.1, lz 2.4, lz 3.3, lz 3.4, lz 3.5, lz 3.6, ñz 3.7 and lz 3.8.2, but how can I attach to a post from my computer? Or must posted as text file iside the post itself?

Doug, Tex,

Doug, Tex,


How can be styles shared or uploaded? Posted inside the post itself? or uploading in some form?





Thanks everybody for sharing! Is there any solution for this already? Is there a Styles-Section somewhere on the site? And how do I upload styles?