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appropriate procedure for posting a message

<p>Hi ! I made an attempt to post a message yesterday but it seems that I didn&#39;t use the appropriate procedure. How should I proceed in order to have my question posted in the appropriate forum ? Greetings, gpzt, Cabestany, France.</p>

colour printing with LightZone


Please forgive my english : french is my native language ! In 2007, I decided to turn digital after some 50 years of argentic photography ( I still have Kodachromes that date back to 1950). I always shoot in RAW ( Canon Eos 40D), mainly landscapes, and edit with DPP + GIMP (now 2.8.16) or LZ. Although I do not print in colour very often ( Canon Pixma MG7150, canon inks and glossy II photo paper), I would like to test LightZone (which I have painstakingly learned to use for the last two years) for printing. My question is: which colour space should I use: sRGB, Adobe RGB, ProPhotoRGB (about which I know nothing) ? Any tips or information about printing with LZ will be most welcome since I have not found any valuable information in the numerous tutorials -some of them in french ! - I have come across. Being quite familiar with Ansel Adams 's Zone system, I am looking forward to trying printing with LZ but I really do need some help.


Guy Poizat, Cabestany, France.

I would start in sRGB

Unless you have a compelling reason to use another color space.  I would use this color space throughout the editing process.

LZ's print module could be better.  I think it was better in around 2006 or so, but subsequent changes did not improve it.  It is on my list of improvements that will be necessary for LZ going forward.  But I always thought that the uprezzing that LZ did was as good or better than any other editing program, with the exception of things like Qimage or Genuine Fractals, which are specialized programs.

I think it could be good for you to look at Qimage---it has some very good features, and isn't that expensive.  You could do all your edits in LZ, and then use Qimage to print.

Of course, I encourage you to try LZ's print module and see if it works for you.  Hope these brief comments help.

Welcome Guy.

Welcome Guy.


I have a Canon Pixma printer (iP6600D) and I find the interface between LightZone and the printer driver to be very erratic. And I mean VERY erratic.

The result of the output is usually excellent and in principle upscaling gives high quality result but getting the ouput to fit the paper in the right orientation and with the required margins, etc., etc. is a dark art.

In using Windows 7 Pro. I have no idea whether the interface works better with Mac or Linux.

I have tried updating the Canon driver software. Although the appearance and features change if I use a later version the problems do not - or at least have note change as far as I have experienced up to recent releases.

You may find your printer and driver combination is better than mine.

I can only get mine to work if I take greate care to ensure that there is no scaling going on in the print process. I have to make the image exactly the right dimensions  for the printed area of the output. Then it will usually give a reasonable result - except for margins which may be 1 or 2 mm off.


To be honest unless you are using a full Pro level multi-ink printer I doubt that you will see much benefit from trying to print directly. You can get excellent results from producing an output file (jpg) with the colour space information burned in and letting the Canon print application deal with the printing - especially when using Canon glossy paper. If you use other papers and want the very best results there may some other considerations but if you do not print in colour very often (as you wrote in your post) I would question whether the effort required to set everything up for 100% perfection would make enough difference compare d to the effort required.

Bear in mind that the potential colour gamut for the printer and the paper you are using will most likely be somewhat different to that of your screen. You will therefore alrady be dealing with the compromises we have to adjust to when taking images from camera, through a computer and then onto paper. In my opinion there is really very little to be gained for "normal" size prints by printing directly if it cannot be achieved easily. If printing a very large image I would, perhaps, have a different opinion especially if it can from a recently developed high resolution sensor. However, even then I would be less concerned  (as a print for personal use)  about squeezing the ultimate quality from the print compared to the pleasure of seeing a great result produced with much less effort! 

Try your printer. If the interface works well and consistently you can enjoy using it. If not - just produce an output file for printing and then print that using Canon's Printing utilities.


I hope you find this helpful.