adding a watermark to photos

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adding a watermark to photos

Is there anyway to add a watermark to photos in Lightzone? I'm still pretty new at this but I've watched the videos on Youtube and didn't see anything that addressed this issue unless I just missed it. This is the first photo editing software I've used and I think it is wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity to use it and make my photos better.

Not yet.  We'll probably add

Not yet.  We'll probably add it since it is something that gets requested a lot.


Thank you. That would be great!

Armando J Tanaka
Watermark Request


I request this funtion into a Lightzone too. This is a minimal authoral rigths to photographers put photos in web.



Bump. Any updates concerning this function?

Thank you

Acheson Family

It's been three years, is this a thing yet? Miss it in Picasa, it was easy.... can't seem to find the availability anywhere.


Add my vote please.

Multiple sidecars

Sorry to gatecrash this topic but for some reason I get an error when trying to post a new topic.


Is it possible to multiple sidecar files for an image so that mutliple versions can be produced? For example B&W and colour versions or different crops.

What Browser?

Hi Leah,


I just tested a new post by clicking on the New Post buttom that is seen above all the post under that category.  What web browser are you using?


Also, when I am converting a raw image it will save it under the same folder (folder I chose).  By using the same raw image and converting (or saving) I get another converted file(JPG) of the same image.


Are you converting raw images? 



What browser

I tried with both Firefox and Internet Explorer, clicking on the 'Save' button at the bottom of the screen to post the message.

Yes I do convert images but it is sometimes useful to have different versions of an edit..

different versions

If you you reopen the original raw image in edit mode any changes made will automatically create a new version.  Don't open the "file name.lzn.jpg" created from your first edit or you will make changes to that version.  If you use the original raw file a new version will be created - "file name.lzn-1.jpg"

Different versions

Further to my recent response:

If I do as you say, then indeed I get a new file called 'filename_lzn-1.jpg' but if I click on the original 'filename_lzn.jpg',  select 'Lift Tools' and then click 'filename.CR2' and click 'Apply toolstack to the selected image', I get a file called 'filename.jpg'.

The copied toolstack is there when I edit this file but the filename seems wrong.

I've never done this, so I

I've never done this, so I tried it.  You are right, but I can't explain why it works this way.  I renamed the new version to see if it would cause any problems - seems ok. 

Yes, indeed LZ should choose

Yes, indeed LZ should choose a name when paste tools on the RAW file the same way it choose it when open a RAW with already existing lzn file, modify it and save it, nut actually it doesn't work like this.


Renaming jpg file is not problem.

different versions

Thanks for that.

I am new to LightZone and didn't see reference to this in any documentation/videos.

The for naming used it the

The naming "convention" used is the same as you would get using a batch process. It's an interesting anomaly but not much more. LZ will always create a new named file rather than overwrite unless you specifically tell it to overwrite.


Personally I nearly always use "Save as" for any second and subsequent edits and try to add something useful to the name of the newly saved edit instruction file that will help identify what it does in some useful way.







The for naming used it the

Using "Save As" is a good tip, thanks.


I gues "Done" is equivalent to "Save" & switch to Browser mode.

More like "Close & Switch to

More like "Close & Switch to browser" as when Done appears, files are already saved.

Adding a watermark - bump

This thread went a bit sideways..... back to the orginal request.....


Is there a way to do add a watermark?  Any updates?  Thanks so much!


any update on a watermark?

I never use Watermarks, so,

I never use Watermarks, so, in my opinion it's not really a priority, especially if you think there's probably a lot of existing softwares dedicaced to do it easily with some presets you can create.

It would be great to see

It would be great to see watermark option, because i have to add it using another software


I have a current watermark that I use on my photos, but it is box shape with a white background behind the art and letters. It looks like a stamp when applied to the photo. Is there a way to get rid of the white background so only the letters and art show on the photo? It can be done with Lightroom I am told.


Watermark in LZ would be a great. But a text plugin is absolutely required. That would increase the efficiency in the workflow so much. If we could do the copyright tasks right from LZ, this would be fantastic. The less we bounce back & forth between softwares, the better it is. That's why AfterShot pro is a great product. I'd like to see LZ on the same track.

So long,


Any update on watermarking?

watermark update?

Hi! just recently been using LightZone, any chance the watermark feature will be added?

Add my vote on watermark

Add my vote on watermark function !

Big thanks to the developpers community for their wonderful job !

Need watermark

I'm very, very new to photography and am still shooting in "Fine" mode vs. raw... but I've managed to get some really, really good images despite my ineptitude.  That having been said, I'm scheduled to try my hand at a maternity photo shoot later this month and would really love to be able to watermark my finished photos - any updates on this?  Thanks!  I've been super happy with what LightZone does already.  :)


Wow, long time requested but not added yet !

Sad !

From RT forum

There is an interesting thread about watermarking tool on RawTherapee's forum - link to page 2. In short, this is about resources and priorities. I would not expect such a tool to be added to LightZone soon and I am OK with that. See the list of free, cross-platform watermarking software available.


Have a nice day!




Anyone using ImBatch?


It has a GUI and you can perform multiple tasks on multiple photos.

I tried it for mass operations on EXIF\IPTC metadata, but it has watermarking and many other tasks (shift-time, resize, rotate, autoenhance, ecc.).

The only drawbak is that with metadata is rather slow to parse a directory and process photos.

Don't know if it's slow with watermarking or other functions.

Tim Ingram


I am afraid I cheat and use the "process multiple photos in PS Elements".  This also converts Tiff to JPG changes the size of the image to what you require, me Iuse 10inch at 300pic and put CR at the bottom right coner.  Downside seems to be that it can be removed by using the spot removal tool.


I can only asume that this is possible to do using other programs.




PS I use a canon 550D and ML which allows duel ISO and converts from camera raw to DNGs which suprisingly can be red by DxO pro10.  Post is usually just play a little with WB, Exposure, Clarity and sharpen.

An easy Zoner way (Windows)

I have never tried this before, but with Zoner 18 it took me only a couple of minutes to create a "batch filter" that can downsize images (with some sharpening), add a watermark, convert from prophoto 16-bit tiff to srgb jpg, rename and save files to a (sub)directory of my choice. And, of course, many other filters can be added. I think that such a complex feature would require an additional, dedicated developer (whom we do not have) and months of coding and testing. It seems to be much easier to export tiffs and batch-convert them to watermarked jpg files, if/when needed, with an external tool. I find the current objectives (lensfun integration and perhaps an improved noise reduction tool, as far as I know) much more promising and more likely to attract new users and possibly developers.


Just my two (Euro) cents, have a nice day,




"I find the current

"I find the current objectives (lensfun integration and perhaps an improved noise reduction tool, as far as I know) much more promising and more likely to attract new users an possibly developers."





Yes... Agree with Mart.

Yes... Agree with Mart.


I already said, but Watermark is a waste of time for me. 

Watermark plugin Much Needed

I think this is one of the reason why I am not going to use this software as of now. i will wait for the plugin to be added. 



I try to read through some of these discussion in this thread. I also think watermark it a very useful feature especially you want to use it for production. However after I went back to LZ to plan this feature I start to have hard time to figure out what kind of implementation would make sense? Personally I use Lightroom for production, which has a very functioal watermark feature. This is usually done after you finalize your editing and export your photo from raw or tiff to jpg or other 8-bit format.

But Lightzone has a different workflow and management style. Everytime you edit a raw or original photo it create a copy in the window. and the software doesn't exactly "export" photos. So I can only think that the users needs to manually create a copy that adds watermark in the last step, and everytime you want to go back to change you have to revert watermark operation and add it back later, which IMO is a bit awkard.

Can you propose a workflow that will justify its implementation? I don't believe getting this done would be overly difficult but it needs to be done in a way to benefit the users in their daily use. Adding it to the editing history just doesn't make sense.


Here's the way i see it with LZ

If we go from the idea that a watermarked photo is something that is either published on the web or printed or transferred electronically somehow, then in LZ what we are mainly talking about (with one exception) is an export process to create a new, separate .jpg (probably not .tif) for that purpose.

Therefore I see this in LZ as something separate from the editing process, spinning off a stand alone copy that carries the watermark.  So there is no need to make this reversible somehow, and it is only an aspect of the export function, and in this case could be a separate option in the export routine.

While the exception stated above in LZ to send to email straight from the .lzn file a readable copy is a nice feature, I'm not sure it's necessary for the .lzn files---and by extension the editing stack (or something from the menu bar, as in cropping)---to have to "carry" the watermark function as a part of the editing process.

I suppose it could be part of the editing process, but in LZ I don't see that it needs to be.

So this sounds to me a

So this sounds to me a proposal not to "add watermark" but rather to provide an "export" feature that we don't have in LZ yet. I am new to this software so I am not entirely sure what is the role of LZ expected from its users? Personally it feels like something between photo editing and photo management, which is why I still have trouble allowing this software in my workflow.

Marinna, I'd say photo editor...

In 2005/6 when it first hit the street, its DAM function competed acceptably with other things on the market.  This is before Lightroom, and just at the threshold of the need for something that could manage thousands of images---at that time, mostly only pros needed that power.  Now we all do.

So, what LZ did was use whatever file structure you had already set up in your computer and enhance it with the viewing capabilities, exif data reading, metadata entry, starring, & etc.  But quickly other things came on the market, concentrating more on raw conversion and file management as Lightroom initially did.  LZ couldn't keep up on the DAM end for reasons I won't go into here and now and lost its edge, yet still retained for a while an edge in raw processing and editing.

Now for most it's not so much an edge as a unique way of doing things, and this bit is still very valuable IMO.  The edge LZ retains (and I still think it does) is more nuanced now, except in B&W conversions where I believe it's still top drawer, even against some purpose built B&W conversion programs (unless you want to add grain).

My billionaire dream is to be able to underwrite strong development which would include a really robust DAM function.

Now, I'm not saying my suggestion/comments about an export option that is watermarked is the way to go----I just offered them as a foil for further discussion.  What you have done with adding the crop options was something that had been requested back in LZ's commercial days years ago.  Now we can check that off thanks to you! 

The next big requests are the lens corrections---which is being worked on---and this watermarking capability (however it can happen), better printing management, and better DAM functions.  I see these last two as the ones more challenging these days.

Please everyone chime in here!

IMHO, Lightzone is a RAW

IMHO, Lightzone is a RAW processing/photo editing software and I like it for that.


For Photo managment, personally, I use Digikam.

Export is Convert in LZ

I think I was wrong about LZ not having an "Export" function. They just don't call it that way. (It's either "Save" in Edit mode or "Convert" in Browse mode). Adding additional options there for watermarking seems to be a reasonable way to do it. I'll look into that.

In Edit mode,

there is actually also "Convert" function available; "Save" and "Save as" always create a "LZN" file (*_lzn.jpg or *_lzn.tiff), which is by design a sidecar file that contains editing data. By default, it is a small jpeg image, but can also be full-sized jpeg or tiff.

It can look a little complicated, some of us are, for instance, mostly using full-sized high quality *_lzn.jpg files as the final results, that can be tagged etc. in a DAM tool like all other images, but can also be re-edited in LZ any time afterwards (with some minor limitations). But this is not how it was originally "meant" to be used.

(Darktable, for instance, writes editing data into xmp sidecar files, but also includes this data in exported files. This looks simpler to me, although it lacks sidecars with preview images embedded.)

I hope this makes some sense, have a nice day!



Watermark is only for jpg file

I use a bunch of different software in my workflow (LR, PS, Nik Collection, various plugins). What I always try to do is never to pass 8-bit output from one stage to another. The only time you will need 8-bit jpg file are the published image, which the watermark should only be applied there IMO. Watermarking is a destructive step to ensure the output image can not be reverted in anyway. So I think this feature should only be allowed in jpg format not tiff.


Hello all,


any update regardig watermark?


have a nice day!!

Jose Mª
What I do?

Hello everyone:
I recently downloaded the Lightzone program, and I hardly used it, last week after watching several videos in Youtubre, I decided to try the program again, the second RAW photo, which I used, when I had it edited, the program started to destabilize , making it impossible to save the file. Today I tried to return to work with the file, I see that the file is not straightened out and it seems to me that the "RAW TONE CURVE" is locked the one I used yesterday. The version I have is 4.1.7 (b44076e) and runs on Windows 10. I hope someone can guide me, if I have to uninstall and reinstall the program, or it is because I do something wrong. Forgive the faults, because the translation is in charge of the Google translator.