4.1b13 opens raw as solid pink

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4.1b13 opens raw as solid pink

Was just editing a batch of photo's taken last september, and am facing an issue with one RAW (Nikon D7000). Everything looks fine in the browser, but when opening the image in the editor, it shows as solid pink. All the other RAWs in the batch are fine.

Console output follows (though probably not too helpful). Can mail the RAW in question if needed.

This is LightZone 4.1.0~beta13 ()
Verifying Libraries
Initializing Engine Utilities
Max Memory: 1761607680
Total Memory: 59244544
Running on 4 processors
Allocating 0MB for the image cache.
found sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Loading Classes
Scanning Color Profiles
Restoring Preferences
Starting Logging
Scanning Saved Documents
Light Crafts JAI Library - 02/05/07
Opening /home/be04346/Pictures/JanLizetteTractor/2014.09/DSC1654_20140928_1506.nef
Checking cache for: /home/be04346/Pictures/JanLizetteTractor/2014.09/DSC1654_20140928_1506.nef
Retrieved Cached image in 5ms
daylightMultipliers: 1.973054, 0.999955, 1.435143
Daylight Temperature : 6284.0
cameraMultipliers: 510.0, 256.0, 363.0
Camera Temperature: 6409.0
Scaling with: 1.9921875, 1.973143, 1.9494427
Correlated Temperature: 5057.0