4.1 Beta Impressions

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4.1 Beta Impressions

thanks for let me try the beta.

first impressions and ideas:

1. Zoom & Scrolling

we have that 2 new features with zoom & scrolling:

Shift + mousewheel horizontal scroll,
Ctrl + mousewheel zoom in/zoom out

but why is there no vertical scrolling? maybe with a "alt + mousewheel"?
another think would be a fast zoom in out only with mousewheel too.

2. Styles

If I add a Style and I want to remove or change it to another style, I have to undo many times (each from that style in single steps) is that right?
I think it would be better to have a preview of styles or a better way to change or remove.

If I save a new Style and later load it to another image, it don't save the Opacity of the different elements.

3. Highpass Sharpening

High Pass Sharpening would be cool if there is an Option to use it only on the high tones.
I think this would bring out the best results. It would be also nice, If we can select Highpass, SLR or normal Sharpening as Option when putting in the Sharpener.

4. Save as... ERROR

JPEG Export Failed & returns into an Internal Error (see the picture below)


dave whiteman
;ightzone 4.1 beta


I would very much to try the latest 4.1 upgrade please.