2013 October website overload

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2013 October website overload

In case anyone was wondering, it's probably due to the link from Lifehacker. They have 683,000 likes on their Facebook page. It's how I found out about Lightzone.




I saw this project on there along with some others. Hope to be able to try Lightzone out soon!


I signed up a couple days ago and still cant see the download block :/ is there anything else I should do?

You are a full participant,

You are a full participant, according to our records---this means you have been approved.  Try a different browser, or clear your cache, history, etc.

I too cannot see download link

I registered about an hour ago and still don't see the link. I have tried firefox (closing starting new session, log out, lgin, refresh, etc) and lynx (can't login - no surprise). I can try other machines, but figured I would second the post in case there is some issue up stream.




Didn't look like you were

Didn't look like you were approved yet, based on your time....


I was getting ready to post what @yuenkitmun posted. Lifehacker threw an article up about this program, and I loved what Lightroom could do, but didn't have the bank to fork over. I Love photography, and do a lot with my phone. Some hard core photographers may turn a sour tongue at me for using my phone's camera, but it's taken some of the best images I've ever taken. I really want to get a camera that supports RAW format, so that I can do all post-effects in this program. By the way, I'm new here.

Well, my new Samsung S4 takes

Well, my new Samsung S4 takes astounding pictures.  What really floored me was how well it handled some very contrasty scenes.

Life Hacker Podcast

I too came to find out about this sofware from the LifeHacker, although from The Show (http://lifehacker.com/the-show)(http://lifehacker.com/windows-and-ubuntu-updates-android-security-and-he...).  I look foward to being approved and being able to experement with the software for Mac.  It looks very interesting and might become my default photo editor.



I also found out about this

I also found out about this software through Lifehacker. I look forward to giving it a shot!


Hi, i got the activation email about an hour ago, is there a seperate approval/ download link still to come. I also came by this project through FB Lifehacker link.