Yet another brief update

Posting rules: It shouldn't need saying, but... play nice. Please keep your discussions civil. You can disagree, just don't be disagreeable. And, of course, all of the usual stuff like no spamming. Tex adds: I'll be rigorously enforcing this as we go along. We're probably going to be a small community in a little lifeboat, so we can't have members at each others' throats. This is for the sake of the project as a whole. So when you post, pretend you're speaking in person with your very wealthy auntie who has always treated you wonderfully and currently lists you prominently in her will. I won't be tossing anyone out of the forums because we are all in this together (except spammers: immediate membership cancelation), but I'll delete suspect posts right away.

I know you're all wondering when you'll see some download packages. Things are tangled up in licensing issues for the various libraries that LightZone uses. The development team is fighting its way through that jungle. Progress continues to be made, although not at the pace that any of us would prefer.

As far as I know, though, there's little progress on a Mac build right now. We could really use a Mac developer or two on the team. I think there's some consensus that the open-source LightZone will not support the older PowerPC Macs — it'll likely be for Intel-Mac only.