Windows V4.0 Released!

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Today, June 15, 2013, marks an extraordinary event here at the LightZone Project. The new, free, open source V4.0 of LightZone for Windows goes live today. Follow the new link in the block in the left sidebar for the download package. Please read all the text BEFORE you download. The Linux version should be following along shortly (some glitches popped up this week), and the Mac Beta Test will also start as soon as one key defect (defect=bug we know about ;-* ) has been rectified. More...

Note that I have moved some things around on the page and etc. to reflect the new status of the older, archived versions. We no longer recommend that you download these older versions.

There will be another few changes forthcoming involving a consolidation of the RAW profiling instructions. The new versions of the software will all contain the latest RAW profiles we have ready, but the latest of those are now 5 months old. As soon as we get the Linux Version published and the Mac Beta completed and the Mac version published, we will probably turn towards working on new RAW profiles and maybe some maintenance point releases having to do with any lingering performance issues.

I want you to please join with me in congratulating the Dev team for the superb and selfless job they have done in resurrecting our favorite photo editing software. I will be adding to the "About" page to give due credit to all of them and their sometimes heroic efforts. I want to especially single out Doug Pardee, without whom we would never have gotten to the point where the Dev Team cavalry arrived to save us pioneers from extinction during our lonely travails in the wilderness. You our members are also to be congratulated for your faith and patience in this project, which you can now see paying off. A great day for all of us!

Please bear with me as I continue to develop the webpage (slowly, unfortunately) so that it is worthy of this unusual accomplishment.

Yours truly and humbly,

tex andrews

LightZone 4

The new release works good on Windows 8 - well done. We just need a 64 bit version now, but all is okay. Had to adjust Avast to enable images to load without query - seemed a problem with dcraw.

Nice to see LightZone version

Nice to see LightZone version 4 :).

I'm now on Linux and my computer has something to do, so I can try the windowsversion tomorrow on Windows 7 64bit and fast as possible the Linux-Version on LinuxMint 15/ 64bit :).

LZ V4.0

Great news, couldn't wait to come home from work :)

To all the guys from dev team I wish as little bugs as possible :) ...thank you very much for your efforts.


Played with v4.0 last night until 2.00 am. Not used LZ that much before - but what a great program. Thank you to all those who have made this happen.

LZ 4.0

What a great day!! A BIG thank you to Tex, Doug, the entire development team and anyone else remotely connected to this project. It's nice to see that LightZone will live on...

LZ 4 Release!

I would like to add my thanks for everyone that worked on the 4.0 of LightZone. No problems so far and my jpegs and RAWs from my RX100 both process beautifully in LZ 4. As an early adopter of LZ I'm glad to see the program have a second life. Long live LightZone.

LZ 4.0

After playing around for a couple of hours with RAW files from various cameras, IMO this latest version seems more responsive than any prior version! Don't know what you all did, but... WAY TO GO!!


Thank you for keeping a great program alive.

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