Windows download available again

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There's a new link for the installer on the Windows download/install page. We're back in business, Windows-wise.

New Windows Download

If you have version 4.0 installed on windows (using the installer version prior to the broken one) is there any reason to download and install LightZone 4.0 using the new installer package - i.e. any bug fixes, etc?

No changes

No, there is no difference. This is the original 4.0.0 installation.

Getting errors when trying to edit using this version


I just installed it and when I try to edit any RAW file It just throws errors on temp files. I tried Editing a jpeg file and the editor opened this time but it just hanged and there is no way to close the program.

Before this I had the trial version 3.x (I think 3.9) and de-installed and re-installed thi one. Has anybody using it successfully ?




Never mind ... somehow it is

Never mind ... somehow it is now working ...

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