Welcome All You Lifehackers and Others!

Posting rules: It shouldn't need saying, but... play nice. Please keep your discussions civil. You can disagree, just don't be disagreeable. And, of course, all of the usual stuff like no spamming. Tex adds: I'll be rigorously enforcing this as we go along. We're probably going to be a small community in a little lifeboat, so we can't have members at each others' throats. This is for the sake of the project as a whole. So when you post, pretend you're speaking in person with your very wealthy auntie who has always treated you wonderfully and currently lists you prominently in her will. I won't be tossing anyone out of the forums because we are all in this together (except spammers: immediate membership cancelation), but I'll delete suspect posts right away.

Forewarned is forearmed.  We're ready for you this time.  I'll be approving people pretty regularly today and tonight---although I'll still be asleep between about 04:00-11:00 UTC, but I'll probably get up in the night to do some approvals.  Click below to read more...

Love it that you're here, and thanks for coming.  Do please read the instructions---we know it's irritating to some of you, so no need to post about that---but our strategy is in fact working and we are rapidly building up the community, now approaching 29,000 members worldwide.  This is good for all of us because there are more people sharing questions and answers on the forums, and with more members it is going to be much easier attracting new developers in the coming year to help us with improvements to the software.  If you have problems contact me, but do try the suggested things first.  But don't fret---we help everyone to get to the downloads.  Don't wait long to seek help: to get your initial email with your temporary password, no more than 30 minutes unless you are somewhere very remote and you know you have slow email.  For approvals, give it a few hours, but no more than 12.  And watch those videos!

Review in Choice

I read your review in Choice Mag-excellent article. I would love to come on board!


The programme looks good - if I could find how to download it! At the moment I'm struggling


OK! I've read the info more carefully and now realise that I have to wait for the ability to download. That's fine and I find it really positive that so many people want to join you (US now!)

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