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We have immediate needs for Forums administrators from the UTC 0:00 to +3:00, UTC + 6:00 to +10:00, and UTC - 8:00 time zones.  Your main duties will be to regularly approve memberships, but expertise in Linux, Mac or Windows is helpful, as is knowledge of LightZone.

We have immediate needs for new Development Team members.  You would serve on a team that can further develop LightZone.  This can include RAW profiling, which does not require coding skills.

We also have a need for web designers knowledgeable in Drupal . 

laubach road
Volunteer from L.A.


I'd like to volunteer as forum admin.

I can devote 4 hours Tue - Thu - Sat from 6pm to 10pm Los Angeles time.

Hope this can help.


Vic Benedicto







Thank you!  I'll be

Thank you!  I'll be contacting you directly sometime today.

GMT +8

I'm in GMT +8 and my schedule usually has me free during the midnight hours in the US.

My schedule is somewhat chaotic, so I can't make any guarantees, but I'm willing to step up during my free time and catch some of the mid-night registrations.

Additionally, I'm a linux geek (not an expert, but a long-time user with a good working knowledge), and I've been using LZ since v2.0

html&css + Drupal + etc Volunteer

I have already emailed, but here a copy of the message:

I would like to give you some help with the site. I already submitted a post in the Forum, but since it first has to be approved.... I'll keep it short:
1. I've studied HTML&CSS coding, so I'll be able to help you with certain issues (even beyond drupal).
2. I'm not too familier with drupal, but even my knowledge should be enough...
3. You have other issues on which we could look for better solutions.

I'm not going to suggest a complete rewrite of the site, or whatever, but we could do some useful changes (don't take it personally, but the site is a little bit confusing...). But as some/most of the Problems come from the fact, that you are using Drupal I would suggest (and help a lot with it) a move to some better alternatives, as drupal has everything, but nothing in perfect condition. But as you have it, I'm sure, we can make some nice changes....

no download link block

It's Wed Nov 6. I am approved and logged in, of course since I can comment. There is no LightZone download link in the third block.

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